Nightmare Before Christmas 25th Action Figures from Diamond Select

This is Halloween! This is Halloween!

But, it’s also Christmas! And, thus is the creative genius behind Tim Burton’s  Nightmare Before Christmas .

NB Xmas 2018 Action Figures Diamond Select Toys
“Nightmare Before Christmas” Action Figures Series 6, from Diamond Select Toys. Photo:

The flick now 25 years old,  NB XMas  is a strange and unforgettable experience. An experience for pretty much anyone. Do you like scary (but not terrifying) movies? Weird stop motion animation, Tim Burtonian Halloween stuff? Check Are you a kid? Check An older adult? More of a classic Christmas movie fan than Halloween? Then, check, check and check to all!

To commemorate the 25th of this astounding Disney project, Diamond Select Toys has added yet another new series of  NBX action figures, as well as mini mates, to their popular line. 

NBX Action Figures Clown Undersea Gal Diamond Select Toys
“Nightmare Before Christmas” Clown with Undersea Gal Action Figures, from Diamond Select Toys. Photo:

Just before Halloween, I interviewed Zach Oat from the DST marketing team. Our chat was recorded for an upcoming episode of my podcast,  Update: Nerd Style . Zach is a recurring guest to the  Comic Book Intl network, a true  fan first representative of Diamond Select. For  UpdateZach and I chatted about the newest Series 6  of 7 “scale action figures for  Nightmare.” The enthused toy maker then went over the hit line, new mini mates , Diamond’s signature, 2 1/2 “mini figs.

NB XMas  Walgreens Exclusive action figures  hit stores on Halloween day, as well as non-exclusives for comic book shops. And, speaking of supporting your local comic store,  Nightmare mini mates  are now available at comic shops and online retailers, such as Luke’s Toy Store and Diamond Select’s main site .

NBX Action Figures Diamond Select Toys
“Nightmare Before Christmas” Action Figures Series 6, from Diamond Select Toys. Photo:

Action Figures

As I said to Zach on the podcast, regarding these grotesque and fun NBX  action figures: “For Jack Skellington, in particular, because he’s so tall and lanky, I’d say that he was wise, that really worked out.”

In addition to good old Jack,  Series 6  brings a whole new set of weird action to the mix. From Zach Oat at DST:

We do them in a larger packaging. We call them the  Select Style  of packaging, because it’s got a side panel … it’s got something bigger inside, either additional accessories or diorama pieces. And, we did a whole buildable town square fountain for the last two series and then for these new Series 5 and 6, we’ve got a buildable present building table. So, it’s a bunch of smaller tables that you can connect together, plus some presents.

NBX Mini Mates Diamond Select Toys
New “Nightmare Before Christmas” Mini Mates, from Diamond Select Toys. Photo:

Mini Mates

If you read more towards the  mini  side of things at Diamond Select, then check out the new  NBX  mini mates from the line!

From Zach, on the newest, most chilling mini mates:

So, we’ve hit most of the big characters, but there was at least one character that we had left to do, and a diorama that we wanted to do. We wanted to make the town square fountain in the mini mates scale. So, we made a box set for this year. It’s got new versions of Jack and Sally and a new version of the major; and then the Harlequin demon, who we never made as a mini mate; and then, the town square fountain, which is that winged demon that curls up and is spitting out the green liquid.

With all of the comic shop and Walgreens exclusives above, do not assume these terror toys of stop motion will be around forever. Get to your local retailer ASAP to scoop all the newest  Nightmare Before Christmas  collectibles from Diamond Select Toys.

Again,  NB XMas  Walgreens Exclusive action figures  are now in stores, as well as non-exclusives for comic book shops. Nightmare mini mates  are now at comic shops and online retailers. Check out  Luke’s Toy Store and Diamond Select’s main site .

Dark Nights Statues Metal Diamond Select Toys

Many nightmarish thanks to Zach Oat and to Diamond Select Toys for the interview and insight into DST’s 2018 holiday lines. The same day as my Update with Zach, we also talked about the Dark Nights Metal line of PVC Diorama Statues coming out of Diamond this year. That portion of our chat was on my  DC Collecticast  podcast.

Click HERE for Diamond Select  Dark Nights Metal  talk on  DC Collecticast.

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