There is a small surprise in Monster Hunter: World!!

If you play Monster Hunter: World, then you know that this game loves crossovers. There’s been costumes from Devil May Cry and Horizon: Zero Dawn, and as well duking it out with Final Fantasy monsters too.  Last night, out of nowhere, the creators of World placed in a new quest that gives out outfits from Assassin’s Creed as rewards. The quest is tough, but with some good gaming skills, you can get them.

If you want to look like Bayek or Ezio, the quest you want to join is “SDF: Silent, Deadly and Fierce.” f2698247-9764-4b8b-aa4c-cf5e493e3026-Bayek_Event_02This quest, along other ones around the game world gives some good distraction before the upcoming Iceborne expansion. This event is a bit tough, but worth checking out for the loot and fight.

As I said, the quest itself is hard. You will face off against three of the game’s most aggressive monsters: an Odogoron, Deviljho and elder dragon Lunastra. e619f9d5-dea5-4b7e-8422-1b9ba78640f3-Bayek_Event_01Best tip is to be on the offensive and go all out. If you find this tough soloing, then find others to team up!

You can run this a lot of times, and each time gives you a Senu feather which you can turn in for items. The first set you complete makes you like Bayek, but the other option lets you turn into Ezio Auditore.

Happy Hunting!

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