Happy Holidays From The tinyCrew!

Secret Neighbor – Christmas Update

Raven Brooks has gotten its first snow of the season! The Basement is open, the snowballs are flying, and the Christmas 2020 update is LIVE!

Explore the Peterson house and creep through the basement to unravel the mysteries. Mercilessly annihilate each other with snowballs in the new team deathmatch mode or simply enjoy the winter decor, activities, and festive skins! The Neighbor is getting his own Christmas themed winter update outfit!

Cartel Tycoon – Dirty Money Update

Cartel Tycoon just smuggled a 💸Dirty Money Update💸 to you on its Official Website!

Leverage the reworked money laundering system to carefully distribute your cash around. Customize the cartels with different starting boss selections, names and emblems. You may face trickier businesses now that the lieutenants have personal allegiance which can lead to different consequences and parts of your empire are subject to boss death.

Survive and conquer to ensure a thriving business! Get Cartel Tycoon on the game’s Official Website now!

Hellpoint – Hellpoint Arena

Hellpoint is a brutal science fiction action/RPG—now featuring PvP arena to test your mettle against other players online!

A terrific cataclysm wiped out the entire human race. You, a synthetic human being, end up on the Irid Novo space station years after that devastating event. Long abandoned, Irid Novo is not empty: hordes of hostile creatures roam the dim halls in anger and torment. Master melee and ranged weaponry and different skills to defend yourself against the onslaught of cosmic evil—alone or with a friend.

Kill It With Fire: Holiday Update

Use fire with caution now to avoid igniting your Christmas trees! Instead, set your jolly mood on fire by completing the new holiday-themed challenge.

Scout for hidden decorations and dress up the Christmas trees in each level; you will be granted 9 new gifts that include but are not limited to the following:
  • Laser Sword:  Melee weapon that ignites objects on contact.
  • Laser Gun: Shoots ricocheting laser projectiles that also ignite objects and spiders with unlimited ammo.
  • Low Gravity: Gravity is reduced for everyone and everything across the game – the player, spider, physics objects, projectiles, etc.

Streets of Rogue: Character Pack On Switch

Streets of Rogue just released a DLC pack with six brand new characters on Switch, check the Nintendo eShop on your console now!

This rogue-lite about player choice and anarchy is now giving you even more freedom in the adventure of becoming mayor of the city. You can play as the Alien and mind control your way to victory or be the Courier and roller skate into becoming the mayor!

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