About Whiting Studio

Whiting Studio is the biz/home of Jim Whiting, an illustrator, designer, writer and publisher living in upstate New York with 3 cats and the divine Ms. M.

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Jim’s illustrations have appeared in the Village Voice, Fly in My Eye, Gore Shriek, Famous Dope fiends trading cards, Slaughterhouse, Night of the Living Dead, Kill Me Slowly, The Bridge, Zombie War: Earth Must be Destroyed, Shriek Special and Spirit of Ninja magazines among many others.

Check the store!!

Graphic and editorial Design work includes: The Monster Art of Basil Gogos, Deep Red, Famous Monsters Chronicles II, Gore Shriek, Clive Barker trading cards, Dread: The Clive Barker Fan Club Magazine, Zombie War Trading Cards, Night of the Living Dead, Demons & Deviants, Slaughter House, magazine, Wrestling Eye, and W.O.W. among many others.

Whiting Studio currently publishes Margo Intergalactic Trash Collector, Infinite Punishment, DarkARTS and Bad-Girls.

Jim attended the School of Visual Arts (formerly New York’s Cartoonist and Illustrator’s School) in New York City.

Jim works with C506 in providing support for the latino / spain geeks in USA and worldwide. We have the honor of having part of his amazing job, the company helped in the huge project GORGO ATTACKS, by Joe Sinnott, and Shriek.

We are just getting started.

Shriek is here!

All new twisted tales of horror and dark fantasy from eight creators of the macabre!

Shriek features Lady Dracula by Jim Whiting,  Nekros: a Vampire Reflection, by Nate Osborne, Bad-Medicine by Christopher Twin, Dzonot by Keith Haugen and Dennis Webster, Circus of Terror by Nayara Moura, The Goryo of Aokigahara by Matt Belskis, and The Hunger by Dorian Sinnott.


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