Animal Restaurant Teams Up With Aaron’s Animals for Anniversary Event

DHGames is excited to share details for the anniversary celebration in adorable animal kingdom-focused idle simulator Animal Restaurant. Throughout its first year, Animal Restaurant has reached over 10 million downloads globally and has been ranked in the top 10 free games on Google Play in more than 10 countries. To celebrate the game’s first year, from now through September 30, players will get to enjoy in-game events including a new patron to their restaurant, Prince Michael from the popular YouTube series Aaron’s Animals.

In Animal Restaurant players must juggle running their business efficiently while also entertaining a dynamic cast of animal patrons. Players will add new dishes to their menu and listen to the stories of their furry patrons. The idle simulator allows players to decorate their restaurant in the style of their choice, hire new employees (of the four-legged variety of course!), cultivate a garden, and choose whether or not to participate in their customer’s lives.

To celebrate the first anniversary of Animal Restaurant, DHGames has introduced 7-day login events, added in new fruit-series facilities and wallpapers, new mementos, customer letters, and a new dish to learn and offer in their restaurant. Also, players will be able to unlock a special patron, from YouTube’s hit series Aaron’s Animals for a limited time. Players will need to be prepared though as this extra special feline has a refined palate and will require specific dishes to keep him happy.

The adorable and comical feline Prince Michael will be visiting Animal Restaurant through the collaboration designed by integrated marketing agency NewCode for a limited time. From now through December 17, restaurateurs will have the chance to serve Prince Michael in their restaurants. In order to unlock Prince Michael, players will need to purchase fortune cookies via the in-game shop and reach a rating in their restaurant worthy of the famous feline.

The heartwarming and relaxing atmosphere of Animal Restaurant is available for free on the App Store and Google Play. Players can enjoy the special anniversary events from now through September 30 and can serve the fantastic feline Prince Michael in their restaurants until December 17. To keep up to date on the latest events in Animal Restaurant visit the official Instagram page.

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