Batman Beyond 20th Anniversary Blu-Ray Announcement from Comic Con

The legendary Hall H of San Diego Comic Con hosted the ultimate in Batman Beyond content this year. 2019 is the 20th anniversary of Batman Beyond, for which thousands of live Beyond fans got to witness a celebratory panel, as well as the breaking news of a complete animated series Blu-Ray!

Batman Beyond 20th Blu Ray

The 20th panel consisted of big time Beyond producers, creators, and both Batman voice actors. In attendance were Stan Berkowitz, Bob Goodman, James Tucker, Bruce Timm, Andrea Romano, Glenn Murikami, Will Friedle, and Kevin Conroy.


I myself happen to co-host a podcast called Above and Batman Beyond, so you can imagine my jealousy for the packed hall of live animated Bat fans.

Our ABB podcast had been on a short hiatus until this weekend, and we couldn’t have returned with better timing. As I said to my co-host/Beyond expert, Eli Benson (@batman_beyond_fanpage on Instagram), we’re going to be using this hour long panel as a point of resource probably forever. There was so much background on the series, production anecdotes, inside info I’m sure was new even to the biggest of fans. For that reason, I’m sticking with mostly Blu-Ray information for this C506 piece you’re reading now, and then I’ll put out endless more pieces based directly on the panel and subsequent podcasts.

Batman Beyond 20th Blu Ray- Full Photo

From the Above and Batman Beyond podcast:

BD: So, the Blu-Ray release. You said you have all the details memorized. Let’s hear it, Eli.

EB: (Laughing) This has been like Christmas for me. Christmas in summer time… First of all, just from an aesthetic standpoint, I appreciated that they’re actually doing like a new package. I was afraid that when they do a Blu-Ray release, it was going to be like the complete DVD box set, just with a Blu-Ray logo. But, they’re doing like a completely new packaging. 

BD: You talked about that on our [previous Blu-Ray] episode. 

EB: I’m a sucker for packaging. I will buy a new package on the same s***. 

BD: You put it in a steel jacket, and it’s the same thing? I’m in!

EB: I’m that guy. That’s why Best Buy loves me (laughing). The Batman Beyond Blu-Ray will be physically released on October 29th, 2019, and digitally released October 15th 2019. The physical copy will have all three seasons, in addition to Return of the Joker [animated feature].

BD: Fifty two episodes? 

EB: Fifty two episodes, three seasons, including Return of the Joker. ROTJ is already available on Blu-Ray, but if you don’t already own it, this will be good. I already own it, but I’ll still get the set. 

BD:  I’m sure there will be a bunch of ROTJ special features as well. 

EB:  Sure. The boxset will include new bonus material. Now, I’m not entirely sure what that entails. I’m not sure if that’s new interviews, I’m not sure if that’s new commentary. 

BD: Yea, they said new featurettes. There are also lenticular cards.

Batman Beyond 20th Funko Pop!   

EB: And, even from what I saw, based on what they were revealing at the con, even the box art is slightly holographic, which is kind of cool looking. Then, it also comes with an exclusive limited edition Funko Pop! Which, someone asked me on my Instagram account if it will be sold separately, like if they will also sell the exclusive Pop! outside of the Blu-Ray set. I think they will.   

I think it’s going to be in one of those–have you seen those black label Funko Pops!? Like, they did a Batman ’89 figure, and it came in this completely black box? 

BD: Yea, for the 80th. 

EB: Right. I think they are going to also be selling it in one of those outside the set. I’m not positive on that yet. 

BD: Interesting. Wow, they’re gonna honor Beyond with the 80th. That’s pretty powerful, man. For a Batman Beyond podcast, that’s worth noting. 

EB: It is. Before the Blu Ray was [announced], on Wednesday night, someone shared with me on Instagram that Funko Pop!, and it was in one of those black boxes. And, the reason I came to the speculation that they were going to release the Blu-Ray was because on the official label attached to the Funko Pop!–which was a Con label–it said, «The Complete Series Batman Beyond Funko Pop!» So, I figure, if they’re calling it–it would’ve just been called «Batman Beyond Funko Pop!» but it had «Complete Series,» so I made a speculation that night. That the next day at Con at the panel, they would release the Blu-Ray. And, they did, so–

BD: Deduced through toys.

EB: Right? It’s almost like I’m a detective or something (laughs).

BD: World’s greatest Beyond detective. Who said that you were a good Beyond detective? 

EB: Glenn Wong said I was a Beyond detective, on Instagram. I appreciate that. 

BD: We’re gonna talk about Glenn Wong, when we hit the panel. 

EB: Yes, we will.

BD: Blu-Ray, limited to 50,000. 

EB: I’ll be buying at least two. One to watch and then one to just look at forever.  

BD: You probably will do that, won’t you? 

EB: Yea. Oh, yea. 

BD: Forty-one fully remastered episodes out of the fifty-two.

Friedle and Conroy, 20th SDCC Panel
(Right to left) Kevin Conroy and Will Friedle, AKA, Batman and Batman Beyond

Additional Batman Beyond Blu-Ray remaster details revealed at the SDCC 20th panel:

  • Line resolution
  • Removal of dust and grains
  • Color enhancement
  • Remastered episodes of Batman Beyond season one will be available on the DC Universe app 8/23/19.
  • The exclusive Funko Pop! has a chrome finish

If you’re a Beyond fan like us, then good lord, ‘tis the season. Enjoy it, embrace it. Big anniversaries like a 20th don’t come every year. Savor the celebration with us and do not miss out on getting the Blu-Ray before the limited supply disappears Beyond!

Again, this was just the first of many coverage pieces for the SDCC Batman Beyond 20th panel/Blu-Ray. Stay tuned here at C506 as well as the Above and Batman Beyond podcast for more from Beyond! Let us know what you guys thought of the 20th celebration. 

Today’s talk and all episodes of Above and Batman Beyond are available on iTunes, Soundcloud, and SUBSCRIBE!! 

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