C506 invites you to discover Maelstrom, a psychological thriller that you cannot miss

As we have said before, Kickstarter is a portal to discover amazing projects, thanks to this we can discover Maelstrom, an incredible comic that presents us with a psychological thriller. Stay with us to discover all the details.

Maelstrom introduces us to Jordan, a brilliant man whose sanity has always been slippery. If you were to tell someone that your greatest professional achievement is a technology that allows its user to interact with their own subconscious, was delivered to them by an interdimensional being known as Atharian, the worst would be supposed.

At the same time, Jordan, July, and their two adult s, Alice and Gus, find themselves in a dark orbit, taking them further away from each other and their own salvation. It is as if an invisible force has infiltrated their lives, forcing them to entertain the temptations of their darkest nature. But their love for each other is strong. If they navigate their own personal demons, perhaps they could find a way to heal from a terrible family tragedy, together.

Meanwhile, in a fantastic world, a young man named Champ with divine powers, goes on a dangerous quest to find out why he has everything he could wish for except happiness. If he succeeds or fails, it has dire consequences not only for himself, but for Jordan, his family, and the rest of the world.

Maelstrom features:

  •  Plus 10 pages of bonus content 
  • Full color 
  • Standard american comic book size
  • High end printing materials 
  • Kickstarter exclusive covers and content 

Below you can find a preview of this comic:

Maelstrom is already 100% finished, so do not hesitate to order your copy, for this you can enter MAELSTROM # 1 A psychological thriller / fantasy mash-up.

Additionally you can buy prints of the comic, as well as incredible variant covers, do not miss it.

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