(C506-Review) Join Dinah-Might and Incredigi-Girl on a dangerous adventure with Hearts & Powers!

Today at C506 we bring you the review of Hearts & Powers, the spectacular book written by Henry Young Shel and with art by Francine Delgado and Rodolfo Alejando. So continue with us and discover what Hearts & Powers has for you!

Mary (Dinah-Might) & Michelle (Incredi-Girl) are the worlds only FEMALE superheroes! (In a world overrun by criminal minded superhuman men).

Underneath their bad ass superhero personas. Mary is a hopeless romantic, driven by a desire to find true love. Michelle is an anti-romantic, more interested in passion & pleasure… although they have completely different reasons for wanting a man, the 1 thing the Johnson sisters do aggree on… is that life is better when there is someone lying in the bed next to you. But leading a double life as kick ass super-vixens doesn’t leave the girls much time to make dating a priority.

With this little introduction we will talk about Hearts & Powers, the story created by Henry Young Shel.

In Hearts & Powers we have two stories that take place in parallel, one where we meet Incredi-Girl and another where we follow the path of Mary in her daily life. Little by little we see that the threat facing Incredi-girl is more dangerous than she thought and she needs Dinah-might to face this villain.

The story presents us with a fluid dynamic between the characters, knowing each of the facets of our super heroes, allowing us to identify with their human side and thus giving us a desire to want to know more about them, about their desires and what drives them to go ahead.

It is also necessary to highlight the fluidity in the narrative of this story, we constantly have jumps in the story, where we change time and character, however, these changes are not difficult to follow, they are clearly presented to us and indicate where we are in story.

Additionally, the change of nuances of the story is managed masterfully, we can go from a serious moment to a comical moment without feeling forced, being a very high point for the story to be able to generate these emotions in the reader.

Another highlight of this story is the visual support that is presented to us throughout the story, this is something that is not commonly seen in books and that really makes us feel immersed in the events that are told to us.

Without a doubt, we invite you to give Hearts & Powers a chance, the narrative is incredible and leaves us wanting to know more about each character, see the details of each one and even want to see what will happen in the personal life of our protagonists. If you want a fun and heart-filled read, we recommend reading Hearts & Powers.

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