Come and discover with us The Swtch: Electricia – Only available on Kickstarter

As we always say at C506, Kickstarter is a wonderful world, full of unique projects, where artists present their version of the world to us and amaze thousands of readers. Today we are pleased to present you The Switch, continue with us and discover what this incredible comic is about!

THE SWITCH: ELECTRICIA returns in this remastered, softcover version of the acclaimed graphic novel! Relive Electricia’s perilous journey from villain to (kinda?) hero in this new, 112-page deluxe edition featuring scores of never-before-seen script, artwork, a pin up section by legendary artists such as Romeo Tanghal, Neil Edwards, Paul Pelletier, and more!

Equally as exciting, this remastered edition of The Switch sets the stage for the long-awaited return of Electricia in an all-new adventure coming later this year from the original creative team of Keith Champagne, Tom Nguyen and Robb Miller.

But wait, who is The Switch?

THE SWITCH: ELECTRICIA is the story of Jenn Bellino AKA Electricia, one of the most infamous supervillains the world has ever seen. For years, Electricia and her villainous allies, along with her boyfriend Stefan Dobiejko AKA Lover Boy, have terrorized mankind as a team of super-powered villains known as MURDERER’S ROW. Their combined list of crimes against humanity is longer than an encyclopedia. There’s nothing they haven’t done; less they won’t yet do, and few that dare to try and stop them. Until a mysterious new superhero, The Switch, appears on the scene.

Nobody knows who The Switch is. Nobody knows where she came from. And that’s just the way The Switch needs things to stay. Because The Switch has a deadly secret and if she’s not careful, it’ll get her killed. Or worse, unmasked.

Because underneath the red and yellow mask that covers The Switch’s face is none other than Electricia, desperately trying to restart her life and atone for her misdeeds while there still may be a chance to become the person her father always hoped. But even as Jenn Bellino’s villainous Electricia persona is being chased by a group of superheroes intent on bringing her to justice, The heroic Switch identity finds herself in the crosshairs of her former villainous friends. Someone should have told Electricia: switching can be deadly.

Would you like to see a preview of this comic?

Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Below you can find a preview of The Swtch: Electricia!

Now, let’s talk about how you can get your copy of The Switch: Electricia

As we mentioned to you initially, this comic is being financed through Kickstarter, so we invite you to be part of this incredible campaign, where you can get a copy of this comic, as well as original art, exclusive comics and much more! So we invite you to enter the following link and be part of The Switch

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