Cryptozoic’s SDCC Exclusive Golden Goddess DC Bombshells

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I’ve written about Cryptozoic numerous times here at C506, in particular, with NY Toy Fair coverage of their DC Bombshell vinyl figures. I covered DC for C506 at the Fair this year and was recording interviews for my DC Collecticast podcast. Cryptozoic’s Golden Goddess line of DC Bombshells just dropped exclusively at last week’s San Diego Comic Con, and was available for pick up only!

Cryptozoic Golden Goddess Bombshells 2019
2019’s SDCC Exclusive Golden Goddess DC Bombshells Series 3 from Cryptozoic, Left to right: Black Canary, Harley Quinn, Queen Mera (Photo:

This year, we’re looking at “SDCC-exclusive variants of three 7-inch DC Bombshells: Series 3 vinyl figures: Black Canary, Harley Quinn, and Mera” (Cryptozoic). 

And, not just this year, but every year, Cryptozoic drops a new line of Golden Goddesses, typically with the same hyper exclusive deal attached: pick up only from SDCC.

Human beings are like fish. We see shiny stuff and immediately get distracted. Cryptozoic’s Toy Fair booth was so shiny and pretty with all their Golden Goddesses this year, that I probably stood and stared for too long. And, I’m ok with that.

2. GG Canary Portrait Highlight

5. GG Canary Box

Here’s the link to my last Golden Goddess piece from C506, featuring my DC Collecticast interview with Amanda Barker, live from the Cryptozoic booth.

3. GG HQ Portrait Highlight

6. GG HQ Box

With that last Goddess piece in mind, to avoid duplicate content for today, I’m mostly going to report on the pre-sale details from the Cryptozoic site. While these Goddesses are no longer available this year, I nonetheless found it fascinating how exclusive they were, so far as to be pick up only. I also thought it would be good for Cryptozoic/Bombshells fans to get an idea of what they’re in for next year at Con if they really want to get a Golden Goddess for themselves.

4. GG Mera Portrait Highlight

7. GG Mera Box

More details from Cryptozoic on our Goddesses of the Bombshell DCU:

  • $120 NON-REFUNDABLE presale purchase of set of three Golden Goddess DC Bombshells: Series 3 vinyl figures
  • Extremely limited quantity: only 350 of each figure produced
  • Limit of 1 set of figures per customer

Any more details necessary? Believe me now, how exclusive a Golden Goddess from Cryptozoic really is? So, take this info with you to SDCC 2020 and come prepared next year, before these exclusive Goddesses of Gold disappear into Bombshell history!

Keep in mind that the Cryptozoic interview mentioned above is only part of our DC Collecticast NY Toy Fair 2019 episode. We have more DC talk on that same episode from CryptozoicFunko, and DC Collectibles.  Stay tuned here at C506 for more collectibles coverage from San Diego Comic Con 2019 as well.

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Cryptozoic Golden Goddess Bombshells | Toy Fair 2019

Ayudanos a continuar generando contenidos buenos y originales, compartiendo nuestro trabajo

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