DC Collectibles Reveals NY Toy Fair 2019

On the edge of my computer chair writing this, preparation for New York Toy Fair can be overwhelming. Anxiety is not the word for the tidal wave of nostalgia and pop-culture brought on by this weekend. For these reasons of mental health, it’s always good to develop a niche focus for your Toy Fair pursuits.

NY Toy Fair 2019 reveal: Batman Who Laughs Deluxe Statue (Photo: DC Collectibles)
NY Toy Fair 2019 reveal: Batman Who Laughs Deluxe Statue (Photo: DC Collectibles)

A niche like DC Collectibles. At the end of the day, something’s gotta anchor me from drifting infinitely into Funko Pop!s and Star Wars.

I will be covering Toy Fair all weekend LIVE from the Jacob Javits Center in Manhattan, right here at C506, as well as my DC Collecticast podcast! 

With New York International Toy Fair 2019 less than 24 hours away, DC Collectibles has already unveiled some of their event reveals!

Starting with the most fun (and funny) of the new in-house DC lines: Bienvenidos a DC Lucha Explosiva!

Lucha Explosiva Batman | DC Collectibles
Lucha Explosiva Batman (Photo: DC Collectibles)
Lucha Explosiva Batman (Photo: DC Collectibles)
Lucha Explosiva Wonder Woman (Photo: DC Collectibles)

In today’s press release from DC Collectibles, Jim Fletcher, Executive creative director of DC Collectibles, had this to say about the luchadore/DC hybrid figs:

“DC ¡LUCHA EXPLOSIVA! is a passion project for us. We’re all huge fans of Lucha Libre, and merging Mexican Luchadores with superheroes seemed like a perfect fit. Besides obvious similarities like masks, capes and secret identities, we also think there is a huge crossover between fan bases.

Beginning in August 2019, the full wave of Lucha Explosiva figures will include Batman, Deathstroke, Superman, Metallo II, Wonder Woman and the Cheetah.

Next, we got another action packed reveal from DC Collectibles! Introducing DC Prime, a new line of «highly detailed» 9″ action figures:

DC Prime Batman Action Figure | DC Collectibles
DC Prime Batman Action Figure (Photo: DC Collectibles)

From today’s press release: DC PRIME is a new premium-grade 9″ action figure line brought to life by popular artist Riccardo Federici and celebrated sculptor Wonil Song. Each highly detailed figure features unmatched poseability and numerous custom accessories. Batman is the first character to debut in October 2019 and includes multiple pairs of hands, a wired fabric cape and three unique heads.

Finally, on the newest side of DC collecting lines, we also got Toy Fair reveals for DC Engines of Chaos. Very similar in concept and format to DC Collectibles’ own Gotham City Garage line, Engines is yet another wholly original take of DC characters on the road.

DC Engines of Chaos | DC Collectibles
DC Engines of Chaos Statue (Photo: DC Collectibles)

According to DC Collectibles:

DC ENGINES OF CHAOS is a new statue line based on designs by renowned DC artist Riley Rossmo (BATMAN, MARTIAN MANHUNTER). Each statue is a high-RPM transformation of a beloved DC character uniquely adapted for a gritty, dystopian world.

Arm yourself for the Mad Max-ish coming of the Dark Knight statue this November; along with his «Bat-shaped grille and a Joker-bot.»

So, those are all the newest lines being revealed at NY Toy Fair this year from DC Collectibles. Now, am I saying they stopped there? Hell to the NO! Again, this is just the newest of awesome from DC.

More from the DC Collectibles Toy Fair press release:

Additional collectibles debuting in 2019 include a life-size Wonder Woman shield prop measuring 22» in diameter and crafted from fiberglass and polyresin, and new statues starring Batman, Harley Quinn, Red Hood and the Huntress, among others, designed by acclaimed comic book artists Greg Capullo, Greg Horn, Frank Miller, Joëlle Jones and more.

For the complete list of DC Collectibles items revealed and full press release, CLICK HERE.

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