Discover Parasite Game, the game with a million possibilities

Chèvre Edition presents Parasite game , a universal expansion for any game. Continue with us to discover the secrets that await us in the game Parasite.

Parasite Game gives us a new alternative to rediscover all our games, with a series of new possibilities that allow us to explore new horizons.

For this we have two different types of cards:

  • Permanent parasites
  • Temporary parasites

On the other hand, these present six different categories.

  • Dice games
  • Dexterity games
  • Games using meeples or pawns
  • Card games
  • Tile games
  • Joker (Compatible with every type of games)

To play, we must first determine what type of game we are going to enjoy and see what kind of parasites are compatible with that game, select the parasites, shuffle the cards and choose yours.

If you choose a permanent parasite, it will have effects throughout the game, and if you select a temporary parasite it will affect the losing player in this same game or in a new game.

There is no doubt that Parasite Game presents us with a lot of possibilities, so we invite you to sponsor their project on kickstarter, for this enter in Parasite Game by Chèvre Edition.

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