Discover with us the consequences of wanting to change the world in ISAI: A Dauntless Story – Only on Kickstarter!


At C506 we never tire of telling you, Kickstarter is a wonderful world, full of creative minds that fill the lives of thousands of people with amazing stories. Today at C506 we have the great opportunity to talk about ISAI: A Dauntless Story, so get ready to discover this great story, which tells us about a catastrophic experiment leaves young scientists with unnatural side effects and devastating grief. Do not miss it!

Let’s find out what ISAI is all about!

ISAI: Book One is a sci-fi American shōnen manga from the creator of The Whole World Blind and Deadly Living. Written by Marcus Jimenez with art and letters by Heitor Amatsu, edited by Mark O. Stack, character designs by Mike Becker and logo design by JJ Lopez. ISAI is a 40-page one shot, which tells the story of three young scientists who are trying to change the world for the better, but when their experiment turns into a catastrophe, they are left with unimaginable grief and unnatural abilities.

ISAI is about grief and change and what happens when you give two individuals struggling to come to terms with loss, immeasurable powers. Who do they become in the wake of such a drastic change? Discover the answer to this question and many more only within ISAI!

Would you like to see a preview of this manga?

Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! Below we show you some pages made by this wonderful creative team.

Now, let’s talk about how you can get your copy of ISAI

As we mentioned at the beginning, this project is being financed through Kickstarter, so we invite you to visit the page where this project is being financed, where you can find exclusive rewards, which you will not be able to find anywhere else, as well as original art. and much more! Be part of this project and discover everything that ISAI has for you

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