Drawing the line presents The Exile – a Viking «Western» graphic novel by Erik Kriek

At C506 we have already had the wonderful opportunity to share Drawing the line projects, which are synonymous with quality. The Exile is not the exception to the rule, so we invite you to continue with us and discover what this new comic is about!

Let’s talk about the story of this comic

After seven years of exile, battle-hardened Hallstein Thordsson returns home to Iceland, only to find that old wounds haven’t healed. His very presence disrupts the delicate balance and threatens to tip all of Iceland into violence.

A remarkable decades-spanning epic, Erik Kriek’s The Exile is equal parts action “Western” and family drama, with a surprising story of violence and consequences at its core. Told in a naturalistic modern style but with tremendous fidelity to the historical period in which it is set, The Exile depicts the Viking age in all of its conflict, turmoil, and social structure, with every detail depicted vividly on the page.

Do you want to see a preview? don’t worry, we’ve got you covered

The Exile will be printed as a large-format 192-page hardback sewn-binding book, on special archival paper that shows off its classic limited-color art to stunning effect. Additionally, we have made a signed and numbered deluxe edition of the book, exclusive to this Kickstarter, which is signed by artist Erik Kriek on a bookplate with artwork exclusive to this edition, and limited to 200 copies. This deluxe edition 200-page book also includes a unique eight-page signature that displays Erik’s developmental sketches and research for the book, giving insight into the historic realities behind this vivid work of fiction.

The deluxe edition will also include two large postcards, both with artwork created especially for this edition of the book!

Each pledge for a physical book will also include an exclusive oversize bookmark.

Now we will tell you where you can order your copy of The Exile

This comic is being financed through Kickstarter, so if you want to secure your copy, we invite you to enter the project page, where in addition to this comic, you can find additional rewards that you will not find anywhere else https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/strangedeath/the-exile-a-viking-graphic-novel-western-by-erik-kriek

Meet Drawing the line!

Living the Line is a graphic novel publisher founded by artist/writer Sean Michael Robinson. Our debut GN, The Strange Death of Alex Raymond (Nov 2021) was recently nominated for an Eisner Award (for «Best Reality-Based Work»).

All Living the Line books are distributed internationally through Diamond Comics (comic shops) and Diamond Book Distribution (English-language book stores), but we rely on your help and support to raise the funds required to print these special large-format books. As such, we’d really appreciate any assistance you can provide both through your pledges, and in helping reach the audience this work deserves, through sharing links to our campaign.
-Living the Line

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