From DC this Fall: Bat Family Red Hood Multi Part Statue

Batman: Under the Red Hood is widely considered as one of the best DC animated films of all time. I myself am part of that wide consideration. Undoubtedly, the quality of the film stems from DC Comics’ fascinating character creation of Jason Todd/Red Hood. The Robin gone bad. The sidekick assumed dead. The guilt Bruce Wayne/Batman feels for the murder of his beloved Robin, then to be avenged by the very same person. Then, in the comics, back to a good guy as part of the vigilante Bat family.

A true Bat family drama.Batman Under the Red Hood

This fall, bring home some more family drama, with the Bat-Family Red Hood Multi-Part statue from DC Collectibles. Red Hood is now available for pre-order in stores and online, on sale in October.Red Hood Multi Part Statue

At NY Toy Fair this year, I interviewed Brian Walters, Senior Art Director for DC Collectibles, live from the DCC booth. I was covering DC for C506 as well as my DC Collecticast podcast.

Click here for the interview in DC Collecticast audio form (Skip to 21:01).

Here’s what Walters had to say about DC Collectibles’  Multi-Part Bat-Family statue:

We have our Multi-Part statue for 2019. So, all these statues come out throughout the year. Red Hood is the Toy Fair reveal here…You can move these pieces around, rearrange them if you want.

If you’re just a Nightwing fan, you could just buy the Nightwing piece. It’s a statue that stands alone, and works on its own. There are Easter eggs to the circus elephant, his connection with the Flying Graysons. So, his gargoyle is unique to him. But, then, you can pair them all up and make this unique rooftop scene when they’re all together.     Bat Family Multi Part Statue

DC’s Brian Walters (continued): So, the nice thing is, we might be able to build upon this down the road. But, right now, this is the multi-part set for 2019. They’re all at an $80.00 price point, and it’s just a great, compact Batman family statue that we’re really happy with. 

The Red Hood statue measures approximately 7.57″ tall. He’s designed by Miguel Nash and sculpted by Chris Dahlberg, limited edition of 5,000 pieces.

From DC Collectibles on Red Hood: Cast with hints to both his Bat and vigilante origins, his figure features a crest on the armor plate, but he wears his trademark leather jacket atop it. This piece will stand out by itself, but as the final piece to the Bat-Family five-part set, it completes a must-own collection for any DC fan’s home.

Again, Red Hood’s statue is now available for pre-order in stores and online, on sale in October. Our tragically resurrected, ultra violent member of the Bat family is just a pre-order away!

If you haven’t already, check out the Toy Fair episode of our DC Collecticast podcast mentioned above. We have more DC talk on this same episode from CryptozoicFunko, and DC Collectibles.

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