Interviewing Funko, DC Primal Age Action Figures Now Available!

If you’re a 70s/80s kid, then get ready for the precious toy nostalgia triggers.

Ever wonder what it would look like if Batman and all of DC  became Masters of the Universe? Are you surprised that Funko has?

Funko DC Primal Age Batcave
From the Funko booth at NY Comic Con 2018: Funko DC Primal Age action figures and Batcave playset. Photo:

Welcome to the DC Primal Age!

Now available to order exclusively through Amazon, Funko has released their newest line of He-Man/MOTU inspired DC action figures. Also available for this 80s inspired holiday season is the Castle Gray Skull based Batcave playset scaled perfectly to the figs!

DC Primal Age Batman and Joker on Beasts
Primal Age Batman on dire wolf Ace the Bat Hound and Joker riding his respective lizard Beast. Photo:

Unveiled for the first time at NY Comic Con 2018,  I got to see these Primal Age masters for myself, jacked up figure designs and playsets of my own 80s past. Funko’s displays were dripping with fan nostalgia and fascination from generations of all other ages as well.

Funko Booth NYCC 2018

At NYCC, I was covering this creative new Funko line for my DC Collecticast podcast. Getting into the Fort Knox of fan booths, I was able to catch an interview with Cameron from their legendary marketing team. He said, «Batman is a great template for trying out new things at conventions.» Then, he busted out the free NYCC exclusive Primal Age Freezes they were giving away, and pun intended, my Batman/Masters childhood heart melted on the con floor.

On DC Primal Age, Cameron continues:

It’s kind of like a nice way to take us back to Masters of the Universe, but if it was in DC…You can see there’s a whole new line coming out: Batman, Wonder Woman, Superman. All these DC characters, coming out in this MOTU classic style.

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