Get ready, the art of Jeff Brennan sketchbook volumen 2 is here!

Kickstarter has always allowed us to discover wonderful projects and this case is no exception. Jeff Brennan presents us with another chapter of the Art of Jeff Brennan series. Continue with us and discover what this incredible project is all about!

Let’s Meet Jeff Brennan

Jeff Brennan, artist and writer for the Cyber Girl L.E.E.T.A series, brings years of experience working for notable comics publishers, including DC comics, Heroic Comics, Bongo Comics, and Heavy Metal Magazine, and as a storyboard artist on animated shows like “Jumanji”, “Dragon Tales”, “Courage the Cowardly Dog”, “Extreme Ghostbusters” and “Magma Corps”. He was born in Sodus Point New York. He graduated the Joe Kubert School of cartoon and Visual art in 1991. He also graduated from the Digital animation and Visual Effects school in 2008. He started working in comics in 1991 as an assistant to Brett Breeding as a background inker on «Superman». This lead to a brief stint working in the DC comics bullpen, and an inking assignment on a «Deathstroke the Terminator» annual.

He worked as an animator on the short film «Chicken From Outer Space». This served as a pilot for the Cartoon Network series Courage the Cowardly Dog. He came back to work on Courage as a storyboard revision artist and prop designer when the show became a series. He also was an animator on the opening titles of The Rosie O’Donnell Show, The Nanny starring Fran Drescher, as well as commercials for Spider-man pasta, X-men toys, and eggleston healthcare His comic book work includes «Bart Simpson comics», He is an inker of several comic books for Heroic Publishing, including «Flare», «The Tigress», «The league of Champions», and «Liberty Girl». He has done visual effects compositing on the film «The Expendables». His work has been featured on the hit show «The Big Bang Theory» and «Heavy Metal magazine». More recently he has been doing 3d art for companies like Bic, Gran Marnier, Bumble & Bumble, Maybelline and more. He is the writer and artist of Cyber Girl L.E.E.T.A.

Now, let’s talk about this Kickstarter campaign

As Jeff himself details, «The art of Jeff Brennan sketchbook volume 1» has been continuously selling out. Jeff decided to release a second volume, where we will find art from «Courage the Cowardly Dog», «Spider-man (animation)», «Deathstroke the Terminator», «Extreme Ghostbusters», «Cyber ​​Girl Leeta», «The Expendables», «The Elvis Presley Museum», «Pest Control» «Bored Apes on a Yacht», comic art commissions and more!

In this campaign you can also get the Cyber ​​Girl Leeta trade paperback. In this trade paperback the first 6 issues are collected into one volume. Now it is available! Save money by buying the trade paperback. Individual issues are still available as well. As if this were not enough, you can also find the art of Jeff Brennan.

In this new volume you can find 50 pages full of action and art, but wait, we’re not done yet, in this campaign you can also find original art, and funko pop with custom art. So do not miss this opportunity, enter the following link and discover everything you can get

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