Go back to the 90’s with Green Knight Street Fight: In the Alpha Zone! – Only on Kickstarter

What happens when the Green Knight of Arthurian legend comes crashing into an arcade in the year 1992? A GREEN KNIGHT STREET FIGHT of course! Nostalgia takes over C506 and we invite you to join us on our journey through the 90’s.

Let’s talk about story

Ernie and his friends just wanted to have a fun afternoon at the local arcade playing their favorite game- Knight Fight Fury 4.

But then, as if their favorite game came to life, the Green Knight of Arthurian legend comes smashing into their lives with a time traveling quest to save the future! Their objective? Stop the evil knight Mordred from killing the Earth Goddess in the year 2123 in a place known only as… THE ALPHA ZONE. We had the opportunity to talk with Hobbes Holluck, creator of the series, and he told us more about his project:

Green Knight Street Fight: In the Alpha Zone takes all the things I loved about growing up in the early 90’s- video games, fashion, pop culture- and mixes it with some of my favorite stories. It’s a wild Sci-Fi/Fantasy/Action/Comedy, where Arthurian legend meets Captain Planet meets Escape from New York meets The Monster Squad. An environmentalist fever dream the ancient Druids would read and then Yell «Cowabunga!». Yes, it’s all that… and a bag of chips.

Do you want to see a preview?

We got you covered!

Now, let’s meet the team in charge of this project!

The artwork of Green Knight Street Fight is created using similar methods and tools used to make comics in the year in which it is set- 1992. Each page is hand drawn, inked and colored just like comics of old! Check out the backer rewards for your chance to own one of the original full-color pages!

Hobbes Holluck is an artist/writer and art educator who has dabbled in many forms of visual storytelling to include comics, illustration and puppetry. His most recent work, Fuzzbuquet, is an ongoing fantasy-comic series. Hobbes’s work has also been published in Magic Bullet, a bi-annual comic newspaper. Hobbes tends to use traditional media when illustrating to include markers, acrylics and airbrush

Jeremy Vinar is an artist/writer who has worked professionally as a video game artist and illustrator. He is currently working on his graphic novel series Perils and Roll-Your-Way. Jeremy works both digitally and traditionally and is recognized by his uniquely stylized approach to cartooning.

Now, let’s talk about how you can get your copy of Green Knight Street Fight: In the Alpha Zone.

As you could see in the title of this note, Green Knight Street Fight: In the Alpha Zone is being funded through Kickstarter, so we share with you some of the rewards you can get in this project!

However, this is not all you can get in this project, so we invite you to enter its page, where you can see all its exclusive rewards, which you will not find anywhere else https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1995040525/green-knight-street-fight-in-the-alpha-zone

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