Immersive VR Horror Game «Hello Puppets!» Out On Steam

In 1986, a fire destroyed the studio where «Mortimer’s Handeemen,» a failing children’s show starring hand puppets, was filmed. Eight people died, including the show’s creator. Ever since, rumors have swirled that the burnt-out shell of a warehouse was haunted. You play as a college reporter who broke in to see if the rumors were true. You’re about to get more than you bargained for.

Scout isn’t your usual companion character: she doesn’t like you and you don’t like her, but you’ll have to work together to escape the evil cast of «Mortimer’s Handeemen,» brought to life by a magical spell gone wrong. You’re on the run from psychotic puppets, and your only friend is a puppet who is, by her own account, «slightly less evil.»

Key Highlights:

– Unique horror-meets-comedy tone. Quirky characters and Scout’s foul-mouthed sarcasm will put a smile on your face, right before an evil puppet jumps out of the dark at you and turns it into a scream!

– Scout is more than a bland companion character, she’s alive, and you can interact with her using revolutionary mechanics only possible in VR.

– Complex, challenging puzzles and pop out scares keep you on your toes. The game alternates between high-intensity scares and fun VR puzzles that will test your ability to work together with Scout.

– «Puppet Mode» lets you transform into Scout and see the entire world from a radically different perspective. Use «Puppet Mode» to solve puzzles, escape enemies and learn secrets about the world of «Hello Puppets!»

– Rich lore hidden throughout the world, telling a horrifying and darkly comic story. «Hello Puppets!» is filled with secrets that will enrich and amplify the complex story of the game.

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