John Timms Harley Quinn Red White and Black Statue | Toy Fair 2019

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A proud DC Comics friend of C506 is Harley artist, John Timms. Both our editor, Johann Morales, and Timms are Costa Rica based, and both DC obsessed. Then, there’s, well–you might already know about my Bat obsession at this point too. I met the artist and editor for the first time at New York Comic Con 2018, and we’ve been collaborating and cross promoting ever since. They could not be nicer, more talented and intelligent guys.

Timms and Horn Harley Statues
(Left to right) John Timms & Greg Horn’s Harley Quinn Red, White and Black Statues from DC Collectibles, NY Toy Fair 2019; Photo:

Knowing all this about the bunch here, you can now imagine my reaction when I saw it was Timms’ own Harley statue design that made it to NY Toy Fair! The other crazy thing for me, was that I got to see some of these black, white, and red Timms designs waaay before last week’s event. I just couldn’t share them at the time, lest I wanted Batman himself taking me down for the press breach. So, seeing those designs sculpted into fruition was pretty mind bending. It made me feel that much closer to the DC company and universe I love most.

Then, the Red, White and Black Harley speaks for herself.

John Timms Harley Statue
John Timms’ Harley Quinn Red, White and Black Statue from DC Collectibles, NY Toy Fair 2019; Photo:

Covering Toy Fair for C506 and my DC Collecticast podcast, I spoke with Brian Walters from the DC Collectibles booth.

Click here for this same DC Collectibles interview in audio form!

From DC Collectibles’ Senior Art Director, Brian Walters: 

Next to the Batman, Black, and Whites, we have the Harley Quinn Red, White and Black line, which is the sister line to Batman, Black and White. Same concept, unique Harley Quinns designed by a different artist, and getting their take on it. 

The two we have here are Harley Quinn by John Timms, in front. She’s trying to put the Batman cowl on her head.

BD: I just wanted to add one thing about the John Timms statue. Our website, C506, we’re a representative of John Timms. He lives down in Costa Rica, as does our editor. It’s a Latin American site, we’re always representing him, and I was seeing him work on this and everything. I’m so glad it’s in fruition and it exists. It’s crazy!

BW: Yea, it hits stores this summer, so keep an eye out for it at your local retailer, your online store, wherever you may get your statues and collectibles. 

BW: Then, in the back, we have the Metal Harley Quinn by Greg Horn, which is kind of a creepy iteration of Harley.  

(On the right) Greg Horn’s Harley Quinn Red, White and Black Statue from DC Collectibles, NY Toy Fair 2019; Photo:

This might be one of my proudest of posts here C506. A DC artist I personally know and promote for at this site, and now this same man’s statue stands before us at Toy Fair. I get to report on it for this international mega geek site, as well as the first ever DC Collectibles podcast. A DC Collecticast that I created. Now, we can all go home to Jersey happy.

A good day in Gotham. And, in Manhattan.

Gracias a million times over to C506 for the press access and partnership, and that of John Timms as well! It’s been an honor working among such artistic and media greats.

The DC Collectibles interview above is only part of our full DC Collecticast pod episode. Stay tuned here at C506 for more web coverage of NY Toy Fair 2019. We have more DC talk on this same episode as well, from Cryptozoic, Funko, and content to come from NECA! If you haven’t already, check out the podcast version of this same interview posted above.

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Ayudanos a continuar generando contenidos buenos y originales, compartiendo nuestro trabajo

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