Josh Blaylock’s Mercy Sparx Hits Kickstarter to celebrate a 15th Anniversary Relaunch

At C506 we have always said that Kickstarter is a fantastic world, where we can find unique projects, with creators with a different vision that bring unique stories to life that we would not see commonly. Today we have the privilege of introducing you to Mercy Sparx, continue with us and find out what it is all about!

Let’s talk about the story of this comic!

Mercy Sparx was born in the land of Sheol, a strange place between Heaven, Hell, and Purgatory. Against her will, she was send to our world, charged with a mission from God. A devil-girl secretly living among us, Mercy now hunts rogue angels hiding on Earth… Doing heaven’s dirty work.

Previously in Mercy Sparx:

After learning that she was brought to Earth based on a forcé, Mercy later met the powers that be from the REAL Heaven, only to keep the same job but unter new management. Eventually she would learn that the story was so much bigger, and pulling the strings the entire time was her nefarius, manipulative mother, Faustia.

After learning shocking information about her own past, and given the opportunity to asume ultimate power, Mercy turned it all down and in the process saved Earth, Heaven, and even Hell in one single action.

Meet the team!

Now we will tell you where you can order your copy of Mercy Sparx: No Angels Left to Fall

This comic is being financed through Kickstarter, where you can find an incredible number of variant covers made by talented artists, which we show you below!

But this is not all! You can also get additional variant covers, original art and previous comics from Mercy Sparx, so we invite you to enter her Kickstarter campaign to support this incredible Project

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