Let’s review WHERE THE RENT WENT a Val Cannon mystery by Andrew Neal

At C506 we have had the opportunity to meet wonderful comic creators, with a unique vision of the world and a brilliant mind, which brings unique stories to life. Today is no exception, we are pleased to read WHERE THE RENT WENT, written by Andrew Neal. At C506 we bring you the complete review of this wonderful story!

«It’s 1996. Val Cannon arrives at home after a long day’s work and finds out that in addition to having to play a show with her band, Titty Blüd, she has to figure out which of her roommates stole the rent money! Read along as Val does her best to navigate the punk house pandemonium and find out WHERE THE RENT WENT!»

With this short introduction we begin with the review of WHERE THE RENT WENT. One of the first points to highlight is the narrative of this comic, Andrew Neal has a great point in favor and that is that he knows how to organize his ideas and translate them throughout the comic, each panel, each line, leads us through the story in a masterly way and allows the reader to identify with what is happening.

In addition to the previous point, the characters developed within this comic are wonderful, they are built in a wonderful way. Each character has a defined and unique personality, which helps to provide fluidity and a lot of fun throughout the comic.


On the other hand, art, in conjunction with lettering, performs its function wonderfully. The art transports us to 1996 and we feel at the time, it helps us to be part of the band and invites us to celebrate together with the others at Val’s house.

And this story does not end here, WHERE THE RENT WENT will have its continuation, which will be called GONE GHOST.

GONE GHOST is being financed through Kickstarter, so we invite you to join their campaign and be part of this wonderful project https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/wanderlane/gone-ghost-a-val-cannon-mystery

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Get ready to enjoy GONE GHOST: a punk comedy mystery comic set in 1996!

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