(MegaCat Studios) Justice Duel: Four score and seven years in the future

PorJose Carlos Sandoval

Dic 12, 2018

After the smashing success of new world AI vacations and theme parks, genetically-modified eagle jockey jousting finally get it’s play.

Now is your chance to take part in this exciting and patriotic extravaganza. Truly immersive AI reality has arrived!


The eagles are saddled and ready to flap, and our scientists have programmed our AI drones with the finest personalities from national history. Get ready to duel. Get ready…for justice!



– Eagle-based combat! True patriots only!

– Firecrackers, bear traps, and land mine eagle eggs add to the carnage!

– Old Glory and Lincoln’s Axe activate the ultimate power-ups!

– Want Justice for All? Grab a fourscore and enjoy 4-player combat!

You can buy JUSTICE DUEL, there’s even a gorgeous Sega Mega Drive Retro Cartridge and we are about to review it in C506.


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Jose Carlos Sandoval

Amante de los Cómics, escritor y editor para C506.