Ximena returns to Kickstarter with a new Succubus comic – Come and find out with us!

The amazing comic book publisher Spiral Ink Comics returns to Kickstarter to bring us a new issue of their acclaimed series, Succubus. Continue with us and discover all the surprises that this comic has for you!

Let’s talk about Spiral Ink Comics

Spiral Ink Comics is an independent comic book publisher based in Phoenix, AZ. Founded in 2013 by comic creators, Rob Hicks, Derrick Tipton, and JJ Shelton. All comics from Spiral Ink Comics and original art are hand drawn and independently published. No parent company involved!

The Story So Far

Ximena, the curvaceous, vibrant, and super seductive succubus who loves to celebrate the fact that she’s a little different from everyone else! Upon returning home from a soul-searching vacation, she finds that her villainous psychotic sister, Luna, is hot on her tail aiming to settle their childhood vendetta once and for all!

What can we expect from this new comic?

Rob Hicks (W/CA/A) Federico Sioc (C)

After the massive success of our Succubus #4: Lilith’s Garden campaign in 2020, Spiral Ink Comics made a promise to the readers to deliver the next chapter of Ximena’s story…and here it is! The action packed follow up issue #5! With each campaign, Spiral Ink Comics try to make it bigger, better, and more exciting than the last.

This latest issue of Succubus is the biggest one yet. Mostly a fan service issue because without them, this series wouldn’t have made it past a second issue! Lots of love and appreciation went into this one and I’m really excited to deliver it! I am always humbled and overwhelmed by the love and support we get from readers, it keeps me at the drawing table!
-Rob Hicks

This new issue, Issue #5, is 28 pages of pulse-raising action, featuring 8 variant covers plus loads of other goodies!

Now we will tell you where you can order your copy of Succubus 5

This comic is being financed through Kickstarter, so if you want to secure your copy, we invite you to enter the project page, where in addition to this comic, you can find additional rewards that you will not find anywhere else https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/spiralinkcomics/succubus-5

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