Music Weekly: Distro Titles REN & STIMPY, DEATH WALKS ON NITRATE and OPEN 24 HOURS

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While there are no new releases from Mondo or Death Waltz this week, we do have three brand new distributed titles from our friends at Enjoy The Ride Records, Note For Note Music, and the newest label to our distributed titles program, Library Of The Occult.

As always, all new record releases go on sale here on Wednesday at Noon CST

Ren & Stimpy – You Eediot LP

Released by Enjoy the Ride Records
Mondo Exclusive Colorway


Enjoy The Ride Records and Enjoy The Toons Records, in conjunction with Nickelodeon, are proud to present REN & STIMPY – YOU EEDIOT!, available for the first time on vinyl. Performed by legendary voice actors Billy West (Futurama; Looney Tunes) and Bob Camp (ThunderCats; SpongeBob SquarePants) and featuring iconic songs “Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy,” “Log Blues / Log Theme,” and show opening and closing themes along with over 15 additional tracks.
This limited edition vinyl reissue of the ’90s Ren & Stimpy album comes housed in a 400gsm jacket with a 4-page songbook featuring updated artwork by Steven Wild. A must-have for fans!


Death Walks On Nitrate
Original Motion Picture Score LP

Performed by Dream Division
Released by Library Of The Occult


“Dream Division’s original score to Kevin Fermini’s DEATH WALKS ON NITRATE — a 2020 FrightFest selection — will plunge you headfirst into a chromatically saturated, Argento-colored world of suspense, witchcraft, and analog film. Featuring avant-garde themes, fuzz guitar, haunting organ work, and Suspiria-like vocals, this record is a must-have for Italian soundtrack aficionados and Giallo fans alike. Take a (death) walk with us… high heels are optional.” – DJ Alfonso, Rendezvous LA

Open 24 Hours
Original Motion Picture Soundtrack LP

Composed by Holly Amber Church
Released by Note For Note Music


OPEN 24 HOURS is the newest horror film from director Padraig Reynolds. Mary is a troubled woman who gets a job at a convenience store after setting her assassin boyfriend on fire. As she starts her graveyard shift at the Deer Gas Market, she’s haunted by flashbacks.
The movie features music by composer Holly Amber Church. The score is dark, moody and intense. At its core is a haunting, melancholy theme for the film’s protagonist, while swirling around it is a blend of gritty electronic elements and distorted neon sounds to reflect the chaos that Mary finds herself in as she struggles to survive her first shift working at an all-night gas station.

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Ayudanos a continuar generando contenidos buenos y originales, compartiendo nuestro trabajo

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