NYCC Kevin Conroy Interview: Batman in Live Action for CW Crossover

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I’m so glad I got to have my internal fan boy panic attack last year meeting Kevin Conroy at NY Comic Con. As opposed to this year, during an official press roundtable discussion hosted by Warner Bros. Home Entertainment! I’ve obsessed over this man as my hero since age 7, when I first heard his voice performance as the Bat himself in 1992’s Batman: The Animated Series. Then, my love for the character resurged as a teenager in the early 2000s with a new Batman. BTAS voice continuity lived on years later into today’s series in question, with Conroy’s unforgettable performance as old Bruce Wayne in Batman Beyond (’99-’01).

Official NY Comic Con 2019 Press Release Photo: Warner Bros. Home Entertainment

Before continuing, I’ll also add that I have an Above and Batman Beyond podcast/YouTube channel, along with a half sleeve tattoo of Bruce Timm Beyond suit circuitry. So, you could say I was covering the right event for C506.

WBHE gave its futuristic Batman Beyond the 20th Anniversary con celebration he deserved, both here in New York, as well as San Diego Comic Con back in July. Along with all the panel and press recognition for Beyond in 2019, WB is also releasing the entire remastered animated series in a commemorative Blu-Ray box set, including a re-release of the Return of the Joker animated feature,  an exclusive Batman 80 Years Batman Beyond Funko Pop!, and of course, hours of special features.

From Warner Bros. Home Entertainment: Batman Beyond 20th Anniversary Blu-Ray Box Set with Exclusive Batman Beyond Funko Pop!

Conroy in CW Live Action

Conroy, the true voice of Batman for most (myself included), sat about three feet away from me at the colossal Jacob Javits Center in Manhattan on Sunday. Batman; sat three feet away. From me…sorry, I could do this all day.

The point is, the man is real. I saw him. His voice is very very real. And, I’m always down for arguing that Batman is real, too. But, Kevin Conroy does exist in live action. So, what about his upcoming live action performance that we’ll be getting on the CW’s Crisis on Infinite Earths TV crossover?

Well, if you’re wondering, the first topic brought up at the NYCC roundtable was the crossover.

From our press roundtable discussion with Kevin Conroy at NY Comic Con 2019:

Third Party Reporter: So, now you’re the live action Batman, too?

Kevin Conroy: How cool is that?! I was in Vancouver yesterday. We’re in the midst of doing it now.

TPR: Is it fun?

KC: Yea! You’re all going to be blown away. This production, the sets, the cast. It’s massive. It’s massive!

TPR: It sounds incredibly ambitious.

KC: It’s massive. And, it looks beautiful.

BD: Sounds like a scheduling nightmare, with all those celebs on there.

KC: Can you imagine? I can’t imagine how they’re doing it. They’ve got crews all over doing it at the same time. Doing all the different shows at the same time. I don’t know how they’re doing it.

TPR: You’ve been the voice of Batman for many generations now. How does it feel to finally play him in live action?

KC: It feels amazing. I haven’t done anything on camera since ’95. So, Ithe first day, I have to admit, it was a little nerve-racking, thinking, when I’m in a booth, I feel so safe. I feel, like in a womb and able to be an idiot. I’m able to expose myself and be a fool, and feel totally comfortable doing it. 

KC (continued): But, when you’re surrounded by a hundred people on a crew, and cameras all focused on you, suddenly you’re very aware of every move you make. Ya know what I mean? Suddenly, I was being so self-conscious. And, I thought: You’ve gotta get over that. You’ve gotta get past that. 

Ruby Rose as Kate Kane, CW’s “Batwoman”

And, ya know what brought me back into it? It was this wonderful actress I’m working with in it, Ruby Rose. Looking into her eyes on the other side of the camera; I just fell into her eyes, I thought, Ok,  I’m back in that room again. I’m able to just block out everything around me, and I’m just talking to her. And, it  brought it all back to me. But, the first day, I was very self-conscious. I had to get past that.

TPR: Will this lead to possible future guest appearances as Bruce Wayne?

KC: Ya never know. I’ve learned to never say never. Because, no matter what I plan, the earth throws something else at me. Life throws nothing but curveballs. I have learned that lesson.

Hear that, kids? We just had the privilege of being taught a life lesson by Batman.

From Entertainment Weekly: “The five-hour crossover’s first three episodes will air in December, with the final two installments arriving after the winter hiatus in Jan. 2020.

Click here for the full episode release schedule posted by EW.

Thanks BEYOND to our editor, Johann Morales and everyone at C506 for making my life long dream come true, to just sit down and talk with my hero. The voice of (and, now live action) Batman: Kevin Conroy.

Bucket list: extra complete.

Stay tuned here at C506 for more of my NYCC 2019 DC coverage, including a live interview with Jim Fletcher, Creative Director of DC Collectibles; as well as my wonderful chat right from Artists Alley with DC Comics’ Batman Beyond colorist, Chris Sotomayor.

Here’s the video version of this same interview, with a bit of extra content. Subscribe to my Above and Batman Beyond YouTube channel and podcast for more roundtable interviews with cast and crew of Batman Beyond! 

Again, stay tuned here at C506 and my DC Collecticast podcast/YouTube for live NY Comic Con collectible coverage as well.

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