NYCC Reveals from DC: @toyshiz on the DCeased Essential Action Figures

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‘Tis the season…

From DC Collectibles: DC Essentials #28 Essentially DCeased Joker action figure

…to be DCeased!

I covered DC Collectibles this year at NY Comic Con for C506, as well as my DC Collecticast podcast. Benjamin David was proudly the first one in line at the DCC panel on Thursday the 3rd, followed by my interview with Jim Fletcher live from the DC booth! Fletcher is the Executive Creative Director of DC Collectibles, so to interview the head toy man of my favorite in-house superhero company, right at the NYCC booth: it was like I DCeased and went to heaven.

Among the many awesome action figure reveals from Con this year was a new set of DC Essentials for 2020: the DCeased. Thus far, I personally haven’t found the living members of the Essentials line particularly intriguing. But, now that DC’s gone and killed these heroes and villains dead, I think they’re starting to look pretty darn cool!

From DC Collectibles: DC Essentials: #27 Essentially DCeased Batman action figure

I interviewed Instagram’s @toyshiz today, recording number three now for ToyShiz on my Comic Book Intl network. The action figure toy store reporting master returned to recap NYCC reveals for DC, as well as a nice chunk of Star Wars collecting crossover content for our network’s Update: Nerd Style podcast.

Here’s what @toyshiz had to say about the DCeased line of comic adapted zombie figs:

@toyshiz: The new DCeased book that’s come out, with all the zombies–let’s say ‘zombies’– of the DC Universe. And, DC Collectibles is actually making figures, which I am stoked on.

Benjamin David: Yes!

TS: But, a lot of people were saying, ‘oh, they’re repaints, and they’re re-dos.’ And, I don’t have any of these Essentials figures. So, on one hand, cool, these are fresh for me. I will be getting these. But, I completely understand where people are coming from, saying, oh, it’s just a new head, they just put some blood on ’em, tore ’em up a little bit. That can be very frustrating, I totally understand.

From DC Collectibles: DC Essentials #29 Essentially DCeased Harley Quinn action figure

TS (continued): But, in terms of the source material, they do look great. It’s a very dark storyline, but I like that it’s a one off, alternate universe, whatever, you can have some fun. And, the story’s pretty good.

BD: That’s dope. Yea, you talked about that on your recent video on YouTube. You said how much you liked the Marvel: Zombies stuff.

TS: Yea.

BD: So, yea, talk about the DCeased book; the book this stuff is based on.

TS: DCeased, and I won’t do any spoilers, because I really do think it’s worth a read if you’re into that kind of stuff. I myself am a big fan of zombies, because zombies actually freak me out…and, I think that’s why I like them so much.

From DC Collectibles: DC Essentials #30 Essentially DCeased Superman action figure

TS (continued): [DCeased] starts with something going on Apokolips. It involves Cyborg, and then it gets transferred to Earth and that’s how it starts. And, it’s wild, it’s a different type of zombie. And, then the recent issue…I’m interested to see how it’s going to end, because a big, big character just got infected and I’m curious to see how things are going to go now! (laughs).

More from @toyshiz on the DCeased line, as well as the changing market of action figures for DC:

As far as the figures go, I would say that Batman’s a must, Superman. Just the recent–even the NECA–the NY Comic Con and SDCC figures. DC character figures have started to go up again. The DC Multiverse from Mattel just ended and that was kind of a mixed bag. I know why, I get it, I’ve had countless conversations about this.

But, it’s sad, because when you collect a line, or you collect a company for so many years, and to have it end. But, it ended on a really nice note. They had a really nice final wave, and it’s sad to see them go, but I’m also interested to see what the next company will bring to the table. And then, we’ll see in a couple years, maybe a different company will pick it up, and it’ll just keep going. So, it’s always necessary, I think, to get some fresh blood going for various brands, action figures, what have you.  

From DC Collectibles’ official NY Comic Con 2019 Press Release:

2020 releases include several new DC Essentials action figures including a number based on the popular DC Comics miniseries from 2019, DCeased, where the action figures take on the some of the post popular characters in the line and turn them into zombie-like creatures. Characters include:

• #27 Essentially DCeased Batman

• #28 Essentially DCeased The Joker

• #29 Essentially DCeased Harley Quinn

• #30 Essentially DCeased Superman

Follow today’s @toyshiz on Instagram for plenty more DC action figure insight like this. His YouTube channel is equally as great, “Toy Shiz,” just like the Insta handle. 

Again, stay tuned here at C506 and my DC Collecticast podcast for more NY Comic Con collectible coverage like today’s! And don’t forget to subscribe to my network’s YouTube channels for video coverage as well: Comic Book Intl and Above and Batman Beyond.  

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NYCC Interviews from DC Collectibles: Batman Who Laughs Animated Action Figure

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