Prepare to fase your fears with DEVOUR- A zombie horror story

As we have always said, Kickstarter is a wonderful platform, where we can find all kinds of incredible projects. Today we present DEVOUR, a horror story inspired by classic zombie stories. Continue with us and discover everything we have for you!

First of all, let’s talk about the history of Devour

In the middle of a zombie apocalypse, two unknown women are isolated in a house that functions as a fortress. Security gives way to boredom and the lack of trust between them turns into a friendship that surpasses unimaginable limits. But it is only a matter of time before food becomes scarce and calm turns into uncontrolled lust, fueled by impending death.

DEVOUR is a comic that seeks to blur the boundaries between horror and the baser instincts of human nature. If you enjoyed THE WALKING DEAD and Milo Manara’s comics, this story is ideal for you.

What will you get if you decide to purchase this comic?

DEVOUR is a 80 full-color pages comic with large doses of eroticism (ONLY FOR ADULTS).

DEVOUR has two alternative covers! One by Sergio Carrera, the author of the comic, and the other by Renato Guedes, the artist behind great titles such as Superman, Wolverine, Avengers, Constantine, Green Lantern and many others! You can choose which cover you want your copy to have, or you can buy both!

And now, wait! We have a preview for you!
Now, let’s talk about the team involved in this story

SERGIO CARRERA is an Argentine comic author (writer, penciler, inker and colorist) who has worked for the American publishers DC Comics, Image Comics, Boom Studios and IDW Publishing. He has also collaborated in several issues of VIVA magazine of Clarín newspaper and has worked in the art of albums of Argentine musicians such as Zolvein Vixon, Psycho Side and the British Anthony Mullen. Currently, in addition to working for the French market, he has taken his first steps in the Spanish comic publishing together with the novelist Claudio Cerdán their first joint work: Toxic Detective, a police graphic novel that has conquered the specialized critics.

MICHAEL HOFFERT JR. has lettered comic books as “Hallowed” and “Gumbo” and “Identity Stunt II” as well as every comic book he’s written. He’s currently working on his own mini-series “Postage Due” and lives just outside of Buffalo, NY with this wife and daughter.

And now, we tell you how you can get your copy of DEVOUR

As we told you, this is a Kickstarter project, where not only can you get this incredible comic, but you can also get amazing additional rewards, such as original art, Pin-up art and much much more! so we invite you to enter the page of his project and support Sergio Carrera, the incredible creator of this project

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