Pulp Girls returns to Kickstarter with Swiss Army Woman 1-2 – Come and discover this comic with us!

Pulp Girls is an old friend of C506, we have already talked about successful projects such as PRINCE-S STARthief. Pulp Girls has returned to Kickstarter to bring Swiss Army Woman #2 to life. We invite you to continue with us and discover what this comic has for you!

Pulp Girls: Swiss Army Woman 2 is the latest ALL NEW 24 (to 28) page story that picks up following the first issue 1 from 2020. This comic is born from the hands of star writer Jason Martin (PRINCE-S STARthief, Vampblade, Amalgama: Space Zombie, Danger Doll Squad), in conjunction with artist Monika Maccagni ( Zombie Tramp, Vampblade, Road Trip to Hell) and colors by Ronaldo Barata and Jason Martin.

Would you like to see a preview of Swiss Army Woman 2?

In C506 we have you covered, here is the preview of this wonderful comic!

And in case you missed the first issue of Swiss Army Woman you don’t have to worry! In this Kickstarter campaign you can buy a copy of the first issue of the comic!

As if this were not enough, in this campaign you can find variant covers by incredible artists such as:

  • Monika Maccagni
  • Celor
  • Elsevilla
  • Kionaoki
  • McComb
  • Souza
  • And many more!

Now, let’s talk about the rewards you can get by supporting this Kickstarter campaign

In Pulp Girls: Swiss Army Woman 1-2 you can get both issue 1 and 2 of Swiss Army Woman, as well as different Pulp Girls comics, you can also get exclusive variant covers, original art and much more. Here are some of the rewards you can get!

But this is really little compared to everything you can find in this project. We invite you to enter the Kickstarter page of Pulp Girls: Swiss Army Woman 1-2 and discover for yourself all the rewards you can get https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1489023868/pulp-girls-swiss-army-woman-1-2

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