Save the Princess from the Castle, but be Chill About It

Music Label Curaga Records has just announced that they’re jumping into the world of Nintendo’s very own Mario with a brand new LoFi album, Video Game LoFi: Super Mario 64. From artists 88bit and Save Point, Video Game LoFi: Super Mario 64 is a nostalgic tribute to Koji Kondo’s beloved soundtrack. With gorgeous piano arrangements, warm analog synths and colorful re-harmonization, the album features 11 tracks that fuse cozy beats and reimagined melodies with jazzy LoFi undertones.

«This was a truly collaborative effort,» says artist 88bit, «I’m so glad Save Point approached me about making this with him. This album gave me an opportunity to take the Super Mario 64 songs and reshape and present them in a new light – chill lo-fi.»

88 bit goes on to say how the album has given the songs a unique transformation while staying true to the original. «I’m excited for many of my friends in the VGM community to listen to these tracks. And I’m hopeful that these songs will find their way to people all over, and that those who love the music from Super Mario 64 (and even those who may not be familiar) will enjoy these recordings as much as we’ve enjoyed making them.»

Artist Save Point had this today about this collaborative album, «We wanted to be as authentic as we possibly could with this album and I love the final result. We only used analog synths, the Prophet 5 and Novation Peak, to really capture that warm feeling. Each track has live piano, guitar, and percussion. I wanted these tracks to feel like you’re having a genuine conversation with an old friend. It really felt like 88bit and I were on the same page from the beginning with our goal to craft something unique and comfy.»

Track List:

  • Opening (from Super Mario 64)
  • Inside the Castle Walls (from Super Mario 64)
  • Wing Cap Mario (from Super Mario 64)
  • Bob-omb Battlefield (from Super Mario 64)
  • Cave Dungeon (from Super Mario 64)
  • Dire Dire Docks (from Super Mario 64)
  • Piranha Plant Lullaby (from Super Mario 64)
  • Koopa’s Road (from Super Mario 64)
  • Bowser’s Theme (from Super Mario 64)
  • File Select (from Super Mario 64)
  • Staff Roll (from Super Mario 64)

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