Shriek: All new twisted tales of horror and dark fantasy from eight creators of the macabre!

There is something to Shriek about in horror comics! in C506 is all in, I want to recommend this project to you all.

The Project is available here and now:

Shriek an all-new 72 page anthology. Shriek is full of series from some of comics darkest voices.

The first issue contains 3 varaint covers, by Rik Rawling, Jim Whiting and Nat Osborne. Publisher Jim Whiting describes Shriek as a Quentin Tarantino inspired Grindhouse, punk Rock approach to the horror genre.

Shriek features Lady Dracula by Jim Whiting, Nekros: a Vampire Reflection, by Nate Osborne, Bad-Medicine by Christopher Twin, Dzonot by Keith Haugen and Dennis Webster, Circus of Terror by Nayara Moura, The Goryo of Aokigahara by Matt Belskis, and The Hunger by Dorian Sinnott.

The Project is available here and now:

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