Solis Game Studio announces Pocket Paragons, its first in-house game, come discover it!

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Solis Game Studio has already surprised us before and now presents Pocket Paragons, if the first in-house game. Come with us to discover what Pocket Paragons is about.

Pocket Paragons is a game designed by Brian McKay, which presents a fast format, consisting of an asymmetric duel of three minutes of wits and big reads. Choose a character, use your skills and defeat your opponent.

In Pocket Paragons, to reach victory you must bring your opponent’s HP to 0, or you can also choose to execute at the right time to achieve immediate victory.

Additionally, to achieve victory in Pocket Paragons you must create the perfect team. Choose three characters and when one of these is defeated, you can choose one of his abilities and pass it to the next team member.

So consider your team’s synergies to make it stronger. Choose who will be the initial, the mid and your final character. And best of all, you can buy the different Pocket Paragons boxes and play them together, since they have compatibility with each other.

Pocket Paragons will be worth $20 USD and will include 6 characters per box. There will be a total of 3 different boxes of Pocket Paragons, in which we will find one with original characters, one with characters from Temporal Odyssey and another with characters from A.E.G.I.S.

There will be a total of 16 characters and you will have the possibility of acquiring additional merchandise from the game on the kickstarter page of this game, which jumps in the late summer of 2020. You can acquire 4 characters in PnP format in a special way by entering These 4 characters will only be available in this format and at conventions in 2021.

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