The Bad Wolf adventure continues as werewolf hunter in Bad Wolf 2: Operation Desert Wolf

As we have always told you, Kickstarter is a wonderful world, where creators present us with their vision and have an entire universe in their hands to present to us. On this occasion we are proud to present you Bad Wolf #2, by the talented artist John Stewart. Continue with us and discover what it is about!

Let’s meet John Stewart, the writer of this comic!

John Stewart is the author and creator of the series BAD WOLF, as well as the popular Kickstarter comic Gaslighters. John Stewart is an Air Force Veteran and currently a contractor working for the Department of Defense for a combined 20 years. A lot of his stories are inspired by the military and scientific experimentation. Coming from a military family, with over 80 years of combined Military / DoD service, John has heard some astonishing stories. John’s late Grandfather flew a P-38 in WW2, then later worked in experimental laboratory in San Antonio, TX using chimps to help develop Clinical Removable Partial Prosthodontics, as well as working on the teeth of one of the first astronauts in outer space. John’s dad was in the 82nd Airborne and has some wild jungle and desert war stories. His late Uncle Don was a sailor in the NAVY and had a tattoo watch on his wrist. John always wanted to ask him what time he had, but always chickened out.

Now, let’s talk about what is Bad Wolf about

Bad Wolf 2: Operation Desert Wolf is a 28 page, full color comic, single issue from the Bad Wolf series written by John Stewart, the same writer as Gaslighters. It is a story about a werewolf soldier named Lupita, who finds herself caught between a war that has her hunting her own kind to preserve mankind’s way of life. In this issue of Bad Wolf, Lupita finds herself in hot water, although no fault of her own, she sets out to prove her innocence. Take a trip to the desert with Lupita on Operation Desert Wolf!

Now, would you like to see a preview of the comic?

Say no more, at C506 we’ve got you covered, here’s the Bad Wolf #2 preview

Let’s talk about how you can get your copy of Bad Wolf #2

Bad Wolf #2 is being funded through Kickstarter, where you can find a lot of variant covers, where various artists and cosplayers give their all to bring brilliant covers to this project! We invite you to enter the following link and become part of Bad Wolf

Did you think that was it?

If you join Bad Wolf #2 right now you can get a special Bad Wolf comic for FREE, as well as autographs in your comics, don’t miss this opportunity!

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