This Mega Man-inspired music album is just the Friday pick-me-up you need

Firaga Records has just released a brand new album taking popular songs from the Mega Man series and turning them into a high energy album titled MEGA REMIX MAN (2).EXE. A sequel to MEGA REMIX MAN.EXE and with ten exciting tracks from artist RoboRob making up the album, Mega Man fans will recognize songs from Mega Man 2, Mega Man X, Mega Man 7 and more.

«When planning out my 2nd Mega Man remix album I decided to skip house music altogether and focus on heavy bass and a speed up tempo, to produce something unique that represents the fast paced action, fun weapons, and crazy fights from the Mega Man universe,» says artist RoboRob, «With the help of several talented collaborators, I feel like we were able to capture that feeling while exploring some newer sub genres for me.»

MEGA REMIX MAN (2).EXE picks up where the first album left off. Each track focuses on unique genres like hybrid trap, breaks and drums and bass. The aggressive bass helps to keep the energy up for the entire album and really speaks to the fast-paced nature of the Mega Man series paying homage to the original composer’s works.


1. Cold Man (Mega Man & Bass)

2. Shade Man (Mega Man 7)

3. Top Man (Mega Man 3)

4. Wood Man (Mega Man 2)

5. Metal Man (Mega Man 2)

6. Tornado Man (Mega Man 9)

7. Air Man (Mega Man 2)

8. Sting Chameleon (Mega Man X)

9. Storm Eagle feat. Family Jules (Mega Man X)

10. Ending, Pt. 2 (Mega Man 4)

MEGA REMIX MAN (2).EXE is available on popular streaming services. The album is also available on CD and cassette tape from the Materia Store or Bandcamp. Visit Firaga records on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook to stay up to date on new releases.

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