Trenton Massey arrives to discuss his new comic, G #3 – Only on Kickstarter!

The incredible director of photography, producer, editor, artist and comic writer, Trenton Massey, talks to C506 about the new installment of G, his latest comic. Continue with us and discover what it is about!

Without further delay, we present you this great interview!

C506: Hello Trenton, it’s amazing to be able to have you around and it’s really an honor to have this interview. First of all I would like to ask you, in your own words, what is G about?

Trenton Massey: You may be asking yourself — What the hell is G?

Well, he’s a guy with a lot of F’d up issues. Just what you’d expect from an abandoned son who’s seeking revenge on his father… or creator for that matter.

The G series follows a mad scientist/geneticist named Dr. Braun and his «experiments» who all come back to haunt him later in life whilst he searches for the elixir of life.

Conceived by the meddling hands of profiteers, these «experiments» suffer from a genetic identity crisis and question their place here on earth including whether or not they themselves have a «soul». On their quests to get answers from their creator, they are met with opposing forces most predominantly from the Solomon Group, a weapons manufacturing company whose newest killing machine, The Ryder, becomes their biggest foe.

C506: and now tell us, how did the idea for this comic come to you?

Trenton Massey: To me it’s a combination for sure. I love to tell stories and this gives me an outlet to do so. But the main source of inspiration was all of the B sci-fi and horror movies I watched growing up combined with all of the comics I was into, most notably, the spawn comics. It wasn’t until later in life that I was able to soak up a lot of knowledge from the master himself, Mr. Todd McFarlane after working on a SyFy documentary about him and his career. This was the catalyst. He pretty much said, if you have an idea, go make your book, quit dragging your feet and just do it! So we did, and now we’re creating our 3rd issue and it’s been an exciting ride so far.

C506: Could you talk about the characters that we can find in the comic?

Trenton Massey: This book is all about the characters. But we don’t dump some foreign universe on you with the intention of going back to explain things. This book is linear for the most part and we begin with character development. As we move forward, more will be revealed and there is a lot of mystery to uncover. Our main anti-hero is G, a chimera whose DNA is fused with that of an animal. He’s gruff, he’s misunderstood, and he’s got a bone to pick with his creator.

His creator being Dr. Braun, a megalomaniac whose life mission is to discover the elixir of life and will stop at nothing to attain immortality. Lina is another “experiment” of Braun’s and also G’s love interest throughout the comic. She is a level one psychic (clairvoyant, telepathic, and telekinetic) and can control hoards of animals to do her bidding. Then there is the Ryder, a killing machine that is piloted by humans and looks like a sport bike rider. This foe is indestructible simply because there is always a better, stronger prototype to replace the last. Besides these 3 main characters, there are a lot of recurring characters that are essential to the story telling like Konrad the Ryder’s engineer, Yon the Ryder’s pilot, and all of the other “experiments” that come back to seek revenge on Braun.

C506: Currently the isssue 3 of the series is being financed through Kickstarter, would you tell us what we can expect in this new comic?

Trenton Massey: In this 3rd installment, we see G, Lina, and The Ryder go ham on each other. We open on a ruckus, shocking fight scene that might give your grandma a heart attack. Dr. Braun gets the reunion he’s been wishing for when G and Lina find a way to locate the new dawn corporation headquarters. And Lina is in for a big surprise at the end of this issue. What that is, you’ll have to read for yourself to find out.

C506: And we could see that it is your first time on Kickstarter. What motivated you to enter this platform?

Trenton Massey: I self financed the first 2 issues and I want to release the 3rd before recouping all investments on 1 & 2. To do this, I need help from the readers themselves to make it a reality. The 3rd issue will be released regardless, it will just take more time and kickstarter really gives you a boost. Also, it allows the fans to get an exclusive experience. All books will be limited, numbered and signed. You won’t be able to get the numbered issues anywhere else. The books I release in stores will be a different paper weight and will not include special interiors included in these copies. For these reasons, we decided to fund through kickstarter.

C506: What does the future hold for G?

Trenton Massey: The future looks bright right now. We’re getting a lot of great feedback about the comic and our adult readers are really enjoying the material from what we can gather. We want to keep releasing issues quarterly and hope to get 3-4 more issues out in 2022. Collaboration will increase on every issue and the art will improve as well. We want to keep feeding our fans plenty of tasty visuals and storytelling that grips you.

C506: How could we get the previous numbers in the series?

Right now you can get all issues through our website or you can go to Comixology and get a digital copy of issue 1 and 2 (#2 is still pending, will be up soon). also sells our book and can be ordered through his website and you can get graded CGC slabs from him. You can also contact us through our instagram account if you want an immediate response @t.w.massey_comics.

C506:If you are interested in this great project, we invite you to enter its Kickstarter page, where you can find all the information and prices of the comic

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