Tweeterhead: «Dark Knight» 1/6 th Batman Maquettes

Pre-Sale for “Dark Knight” 1/6th Batman Maquettes starts this Thursday morning. These two amazing pieces were spearheaded by Jason Wires or JWP, designed by Nelson X Asencio and incredibly sculpted by Keith Kopinski. Jason also handled the mold and cast and paint. This is a new line that will not just focus on interpretations of Batman, but other favorite characters in 1/6th scale as well. The next two releases are finished and are really amazing!!


Tweeterhead are doing things a little differently this time around with the pre-order. The Tweeterhead EX will premiere this Thursday, May 30th and the the regular version will be available from your favorite distributor or dealer next Thursday.

The price of these pieces and hopefully pieces in this line will be $235.00, they´re doing our best to keep costs low so the collectors can tap into this entire line up.

  1. The Batman EX Maquette (Blue and Grey) will be limited to  350 pieces and include two heads and two left hands. The regular edition will only include one of each (left hand WITHOUT Batarang and non screaming head).


  1. The Batman “Muddy” version will ONLY be sold on and will be strictly limited to 750 pieces. The “Muddy” version includes both heads and both left hands, and a base exclusive to this release.


Get on board now, no telling where this line will lead…Pre-Sale begins this Thursday morning.

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