VR Battle Royale ‘Virtual Battlegrounds’ Teases Season 2

Developer Cyber Dream is excited to announce that season 2 of Virtual Battlegrounds will be released in early December.  Virtual Battlegrounds is a VR battle royale that allows players to compete and see who is the last warrior standing by using tactical gun-play, an epic map, and physically controlled locomotion. The new season will add an all-new map area, weapons, weather effects, and more.

Season 2 will introduce the Warehouse District, the largest area of the map yet, that aims to give players the option to find new offensive and defensive tactics.  While exploring the Warehouse District players may come across the latest weapon, the pump shotgun.  The pump shotgun will spawn at random locations and features realistic loading animations for a classic wild-west inspired feel.

The new season of Virtual Battlegrounds will also introduce a dynamic weather system and improved environmental effects.  Each match will feature random weather effects ranging from beautiful sunsets to low-visibility foggy mornings, and even night-time matches.  Season 2 will also feature new types of vegetation, making for more lush environments without any loss of performance.

A full list of features include:

  • Duke it out in a 24 player battle royale, built from the ground up in VR.
  • A wide range of weapons available including guns, ballistics, and weapon attachment system.
  • Move around the giant map in a variety of ways such as swimming, climbing, sprinting, sliding, and ziplines.
  • An enormous 4 square km crafted map to explore all in VR.
  • Form your own squad and use spatial voice chat while playing your matches in ranked or lobby modes.
  • Play solo and hone your skills against the AI, or practice your aim at the shooting range.
  • A dynamic weather system and lush terrain make every match different from the last.

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