Wizkids Exclusive: Starfinder Battles: Planets of Peril – In cooperation with Paizo

Starfinder Battles: Planets of Peril is a powerful and delicate thematic collection of deep futuristic space for role-playing games and mainly focused on players of Starfinder.

The majestic series will be launched on March 2021, for this reason in C506 we would like to inform you of the details, prices, and what is necessary to pre-order this set, we are absolutely sure this is the space role collection you are waiting for.

As a Roleplayer and GM, I can say: this is perfect for my own Alien and Space DND Campaigns, obviously for my Spacefinder as well. It works for all of them.

The very detailed collection, which consists of a set of accessories and miniatures is already in pre-order, support your local game store and preorder from them, stores need our help during difficult times if you can’t find them or don’t have a game shop near you, like me.

The set is available for preorder online now, from Wizkids. I’ve attached the link at the end of the article.

I consider this a very important release, most of the high-quality figures for space games are not good quality or, if you are lucky enough you can make some models in a 3D printer or you have to buy unpainted from zero and cut molds, then start the painting process.

Busy DMs, we just can’t do that. I’ve been using Wizkids lately and no other brand is better in quality or paint job for prepainted.

I’m sure this collection is going to be perfect for our game and full of quality plus accessible in price. I’m already daydreaming about more units to come, I can Imagine Cargo Ships and Space Bikes in my campaign.

The vehicles look amazing and the materials extremely detailed.

For this reason, I want to tell you more in detail about Starfinder Battles: Planets of Peril, first of its 8 ct. Brick.

– The classic brick and booster mechanic, and price.

The bad and good of the galaxy are coming, are you ready to face either side?

Ready to fight horrendous monsters, are you up to Earth-shaping a new planet?

The decision to be the heroine or the hero, the villain or the evil, a terrible monster, or the friendly creature that only seeks to live in peace… is yours. The universe is endless, almost even your life can be developed within a single ship, that is Starfinder and these are its accessories.

I already love them. Every player knows the juice of an RPG needs miniatures,  dice, and heart.

We urgently needed the miniatures and it has been finally granted to us.

Planets of Peril is a set with a total of 32 Starfinder Battles minis to play Starfinder Battles The Role-Playing Game, and you can help yourself by using them in many more games.

Factory and web information, and price:

Single Booster SKU: 99002 Brick SKU: 99003
Single Booster MSRP:
$14.99 Brick MSRP: 119.92

Wizkids released some hi-res renders as part of the release. Just look at this beauties.

Let’s talk about Starfinder Battles: Planets of Peril Docking Bay Premium Set:

This is a separate set for the collection, however, it is the most necessary if you ask me.

I consider this box as the first element we want to preorder.

This entire collection is totally thematic and provides the components that we have been looking for our maps and locations we have waiting so long, I’m already thinking in my next fight in the space station using cars and high tech loaders.

The price is extremely accessible and the paint details are top-of-the-line Wizkids Quality.

Includes 1 Cargo Hauler, 1 Flatbed Trailer, 2 Shipping Crates (2”x 2”), 2 Shipping Crates (1”x 2”), 4 Containers (1”x 1”), 1 Bench.

Factory and web information, and price:

SKU: 99004

What do you think? are you ready to ride your space bike at high speed with a pulse rifle, ready to conquer the savage wasteland?

Because we are.

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