Ayudanos a continuar generando contenidos buenos y originales, compartiendo nuestro trabajo

Hi team, we have so much fun this geek painting and showing amazing pictures and games from wizkids, we invite you all to please follow us in social media for video and pictures:

This reviews are featured in english, we had a landslide of viewers, you guys can find snowall unboxing the Fallen Star Ship:

We actually painted this ship 2 days ago, and we are featuring the job of Master Juan from C506 in Wizkids my little pony and The Fallen Star.

FOLLOW JUAN – JD Our Wizkids featured painter for miniatures HERE: https://www.instagram.com/lurkingclassheroes/

Demon Wizkids Inspired from The Balrog, painted by Juan Diego, please follow him for more Wizkids painted minis via C506

Covid is changing and our comiccon is now online, but we are doing the best, and C506 knows all of you friends are happy with our approach and we are extremely happy your click, time and visits.

Our Wizkids guides are top in latam and latino USA. The product gift article continues in #1 for a week in spanish and english:



We are uploading lots of pictures to Instagram, please follow us:


Have you seen the amazing My Little Pony painted minis from Master Juan?

We have more yet to come,make sure to follow Wizkids and C506.

Prepare for the end of 2020 with the best Hobby Collectibles from Wizkids.

For more information about Wizkids, visit: https://wizkids.com/

In C506 we are happy to show, play and tell Wizkids. Come and follow us for monthly unboxings, play and news.

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We have more from Wizkids:

The C506 Product Gift Guide for Wizkids 2020 – Absolute Must Have Products!

Ayudanos a continuar generando contenidos buenos y originales, compartiendo nuestro trabajo

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