You can now play your favorite home invasion sim from the perspective of the Neighbor

Hello there, and welcome to Secret Neighbor, a multiplayer spin-off of your favorite home invasion sim franchise – Hello Neighbor!

About 2 years ago — before the original Hello Neighbor even launched — we came up with this idea of a social horror game, where you would have to use voice chat to manipulate your friends into trusting you, only to betray them. Inspired by the emotions of games like Mafia and Werewolf, we prototyped it only to realize it works insanely well with the concept of 1 traitor player trying to sabotage an overall plan. This is how the idea for Secret Neighbor was born, and it quickly went into production early 2018.

As soon as you fire up Secret Neighbor you will notice loads of changes between the release build and the Beta. The main difference is surrounding the game’s overall progression. We have decided to create more meaningful progression during the game’s session, with the main objective being to make it feel like both the Neighbor player and the sneaky intruders would get to progress and upgrade themselves before final showdowns.

So the Neighbor player now needs to level up, searching for mysterious artifacts. Everyone hears the Neighbor level up, and this draws suspicion towards players outside the field of view. So in the beginning it makes absolutely zero sense to go aggressive as the Neighbor. You unlock abilities as you level up.

On the flipside the players need to now search for keycards to gain access into the depths of the house. You see, the Neighbor has learned that it’s not enough to have just one locked basement door. Instead, higher tier items for players and the basement keys now spawn further into the house.

This way you get this asymmetrical progression where both the Neighbor and all players have their goals. Combined with player classes, it creates for interesting dynamics that we know you’ll love.

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