Atomika: God is Red Omnibus is coming to Kickstarter – Come and find out what it’s all about!

The creative duo formed by artist Sal Abbinanti and writer Andrew Dabb bring us their comic, Atomika: God is Red to Kickstarter. Come and join us on this adventure!

What is the story of ATOMIKA: God is Red about?

God is Red follows ATOMIKA across a 12-issue story arc, as he travels the Soviet Union doing battle with the old mythological gods of Slavic Russia. It was originally published as a series by Mercury Comics. The new ATOMIKA: GOD IS RED Omnibus collects the entire story in a single volume with 350+ pages!

In addition to the complete 12-issue series, The ATOMIKA: God is Red Omnibus includes 75+ pages of all-new art—featuring rare and never-before-seen covers & pin-ups by Tim Bradstreet, Claudio Castellini, Gene Colan, Darwyn Cooke, Glen Fabry, David Mack, Eric Powell, John Romita Sr., Alex Ross, Steve Rude, Bill Sienkiewicz, Michael Turner, and more!

And when talking about the inspiration for the creation of ATOMIKA, Sal Abbinanti mentions:

Growing up in the ’70s I was a huge Jack Kirby fan. I filtered my love for Kirby through the idea of the Soviet Union being this Evil Empire. Once I got the story together, I worked with over a dozen amazing artists to create covers, back covers, pin ups, and more.

Can I see an example of ATOMIKA’s interior art?

Of course, then we leave you a preview of the wonderful art that this omnibus presents!

As we mentioned, this comic is being financed through Kickstarter, so if you want to be part of the project, we invite you to enter in his website

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