C506 – Press Room (In English)

Collectible 506 is the premiere geek culture website for Spanish speaking fans throughout the United States, Latin America and Spain ; our dedicated team covers events all over the world and we write and unbox the most amazing products for top 50 brands about pop culture in the world.

C506 keeps a finger on the beating pulse of gaming, movies, and other geek culture. Having a domain of 10 years (age) and a very positive location withing google 125.000 worldwide and 36DM for Alexa, we are capable of generate more than 4% CTR sales and we do, currently for brands like Neca and Mondo. We have many articles with 500.000 views, for product reviews:


Also, videos in youtube have been impulsed by brands like HP, Stonemaier Games and others, because we offer a modern video review system, by going directly and sharing weekly to 350.000 people during large periods of time, our best tool is our fb live.


Even with only 3k followers in YT, we can generate 30.000 views for Neca:


Imagine what we do with 350.000 in FB and 6 millons in our web,
Thats why we offer product reviews and banners for companies to reinforce sales and reach into the Latin American Geek market in USA, and latino in General. We are friends of our followers, producing live unboxings every 2 days for our followers.

C506 is proud to work with Blizzard Entertainment, Sideshow Collectibles, Neca, Prime 1 Studios, Hot Toys, Stonemaier Games, Bethesda, Square Enix, Sony, Atari, Ubisoft, Mondo Collectibles / Tees, Mezco, Lootbox, Playstation, Warner Bros, GFX Distribution, Cartoon Network, Hasbro, CD PROJEKT RED, Dynamite Comics, Activision, DC Comics, McFarlane Comics, Doug Wagner, Wizkids and more.

2 weeks ago we started a web show called Sabados en Geek, featured now in TV in Costa Rica and soon Panama, but our most important point is to have thousands of people watching our show weekly and participating with us.

Want to know our Facebook Reach? 7.000.000 (Pure Reach) close
By having 6.000.000 in social media and 6.000.000 clicks plus a growing team of 14 people in Usa and Latam, we are very proud to call ourseves and have the title of the most recognized hobby geek web for latinos in USA.

In our pages you will find talents like Todd Mcfarlane talking with us, Scott Snyder, Greg Capullo, Jerry Stonemaier, Brian Stelfreze and thousands of artists, producers and writers, we are the only web to cover every major comic conversion in the US and Europe, conventions like the Grand Slam ECCC, NYCC, SDCC, Blizzcon, LVACC, Paris Book Day, Blizzcon, E3 and Shangai Con.

During this terrible pandemic we have been working with people in need to give away games, paint kits, instruction, guides, even food and support. C506 USA is run by friends from friends. We have even managed to held events for Neca in Costa Rica, like a private show emulating the Neca celebration day 2 days ago, by having the same exclusives, DND tables, miniatures, music and food.

We also manage 5 artists from the comic industry from Marvel, DC and Image Comics, our services are all free. We dont have patreon, our goal is to provide the best we can for people interested in it.
With followers and visitors from 14 years to 58 years and able to purchase in USA, C506 USA is the perfect example of hard work. We even got selected as one of the companies of the future, in the ICMYI Competition from the US Embassy in CR.

We are proud to continue to work, review and talk about our favorite hobbies and figures, and we ask your brand, to give us a hand with your samples, we promise to do our best and represent your brand proudly, and if you guys want.

We can work directly, weekly communicating about what we do and whats required from your marketing team.

As you can see in this graphic, our visits are 90% organic, we invite you to come and make your products organic in the web for you all. Having suck a good organic reach in google, is a very hard feat we managed to achieve during 10 years of hard work.

Let our sponsors be our best reccomendation. By working during many years we have achieved a lot of experience and we always go the extra mile with brands, just ask our sponsors, friends, followers and let us know what would you like to do with your samples, we will help you, and your brand will be impulsing brave people and specially the latino community, A very special community in need of hobbies and a very lovely group of real fans, we are passionate and talented.

By having your products reviewd by our team, we also cover all your news, media details, pr releases and everything we can. We dont support only the pieces, we care about the company that is trusting in us, so let all of our followers know whats happening is extremely important, as mentioned before, we will get in contact weekly to ask for news and hints.

We would love to have interviews, many of our product reviews are world first and companies share our job first, companies like mondo, sideshow, Kinmen Studios, Stonemaier Games, Neca and more. this helps a lot when reaching new followers. We know how it is to feature a world first and be a trending topic for hours, our servers are high quality blade machins hosted in LATAM, we dont share space so your articles are going to stay with us always, and be fast to reach.

Let us be your guide into the Latino USA market and work together.

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