C506 partners with Made by Wombat – Polyhedral Steel Dice Sets for BoardGames

As most of you guys know, here in C506 we have this thing to work with the best people and the best collectibles, comics and Boardgames too, as proud representatives of several Board games, Wizards, Wizkids, Reaper and more, we have to use the best, and well, I did found the best dice sets available in the market and we will be working together. I saw this amazing dice sets on the web, and I spoke with the creator of the brand, heres a little bit about him and what he does.


Hi to the people in C506. I’m Chuck Stover, founder and designer of Made by Wombat. Made by Wombat creates unique polyhedral dice designs intended for the 3D printing format. They are ideal when printed in steel, but are also available in plastic and cast metals such as brass, bronze, gold, and platinum.


All of the dice are available at my Shapeways shop (https://www.shapeways.com/shops/madebywombat).

Made by Wombat also produces various toys (available through my Shapeways shop),

Made by Wombat actually made a Boardgame and we cant wait to play,

The board game Vasty Wilds (https://www.vastywilds.com), and apparel and home accessories based on my dice designs and illustrations on my Threadless shop (https://madebywombat.threadless.com). Chuck Continues

I do take on custom work, but only if the design has appeal for a wider audience than the customer requesting the work.


For example, I will add a version of a die that has backgammon doubling cube numbering or Fudge dice symbols at a customer’s request, but I don’t make one-off dice (e.g. a small gaming club’s symbol or with someone’s initials).

I produce new polyhedral dice set designs at a rate of one to three per year.

C506 will be updating about every new release, make sure to subscribe and follow my web to never miss our news.

Each set is iterated several times as a prototype before the proportions and aesthetic of the set is perfected and ready for release. My dice are available as basic six-die sets (1d4, 1d6, 1d8, 1d10, 1d12, and 1d20), sets with decader (1d4, 1d6, 1d8, 1d10, 1d00, 1d12, and 1d20), and as singles. Between the many materials and finishes offered by Shapeways and the variety of my designs, any tabletop player can find the perfect set for their randomization needs on my shop.

Made by Wombat dice are balanced and fair. Each side of the die has identical characteristics except for the number. The volume (and thus mass) of each number is normalized through font size and thickness to make the each side weigh the same.


Please take into consideration: The production process (3D printing) precludes the possibility of air bubbles affecting the balance of a die.

Talking a little bit more about Chuck, he graduated from the Michigan State University with a degree in design and sculpture in 1998, but these two concentrations did not converge until he started CAD design for 3D printing in 2009.

I was working in an automotive plant at the time. By 2014, I was able to expand my portfolio of designs on Shapeways to the point where I could quit my factory job and design full time.


My current project is an update to my most popular set, the Thorn dice. The Thorn dice were the second set I created and my CAD skills were still fairly primitive. There are brutalist elements of the design that work well but don’t fit the elegant feel I envisioned when I first imagined them. Since the Thorn dice V1 were created in 2009, I felt that 2019 would be a good time to make a flowing, high detail V2 update to the 10-year-old design.

The Helix dice set was created as a technical challenge to myself, to incorporate the basic replication structure of organic life into polyhedral forms. The helical structure intersects itself at the vertices as well as the interior, creating a rich and fascinating synthesis. They also have an exceptional hand feel and are great fun to fiddle with between rolls.


The Chord set was created by taking spherical, or, in the case of the d10, ellipsoid forms and subtracting material along chord segments within the figure. They are at once geometric and organic in feel, and have a roly-poly feel while gaming.

The Labyrintine d6 is a huge die that is not part of a set. It is a maze that starts on the “1” side and has one valid path that leads to the “6” side while passing through all other sides in sequential order. It’s a great die for those who like loud rolls and losing themselves in mazes.

Labyrinth Die6 – Steel and Bronze

All of these sets and others will soon be available as Mini versions intended for casting in brass or bronze. While they are already available at full size in brass or bronze, the 80% scale Mini versions will have a price point comparable to their full size steel counterparts while losing none of the amazing detail of the designs.

Labyrinth Die6 – Bronze1dHere in C506 are in love with this sets, and oficially we will be featuring them for the new expansion for Dungeons & Dragons, Reaper and Wizkids. Also in our official pirate party in May, you can expect an entire set of game by our sponsors and if you want to participate, send us an email to [email protected] More pictures and live HQ videos are coming for this amazing dice sets, we are waiting for our sets and I promise, you guys wont be dissapointed. Go and place your order, leave your comments.

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