Cherry Poptart presents her first action figure, come and discover it!

Cherry is an icon of underground comics culture. Now, Larry Welz, the creator of Cherry, and Discordia Merchandising team up to introduce the first Cherry Poptart action figure. Continue with us and discover all the details!

We have previously talked about Cherry as a pop icon, but now, we will see her first action figure!

But wait! These are not only the first Cherry action figures ever made, they are also High-End, Hand-Made, Hand-Painted, Resin Art Figures in Archival Packaging! A Limited Run, of all styles, will be made based on Pre-Orders.

Cherry Figures measure 4 Inches Tall. Thick Sturdy Card Backs measure 9 x 6.5 Inches. Resin Cherry Figures are Manufactured by Todd L Toys. Figures are then Hand Painted by Starr Mignon, and assembled in classic action figure packaging by Gavriel Discordia.

Wait, that’s not all!

Several artists will be included to issue single Cherry Figures with unique Backer Card Art available only through this Preorder Event! Sam Payne, The Super Sucklord, Angelic Domain, and even one by Gavriel Discordia. Expect more Guest Artist Figures to be added during this event.

You can also find different additional items that will allow you to complete your Cherry collection, such as pins, patches, an exclusive Cherry Skate Deck and Cherry shirts!

So don’t waste your time anymore and go to and get these great rewards!

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