DC Collectibles Interview: Jim Fletcher on Future Batman Beyond Figures

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I enthusiastically interviewed Jim Fletcher this year at NY Comic Con.

Fletcher is the Executive Creative Director of DC Collectibles. Most of the interview was recorded for C506 and my DC Collecticast podcast/YouTube show. But, as a Batman Beyond/animation inclined DC collector, I was enthralled to talk with Jim specifically about Beyond.

“Batman Beyond” 6″ scale action figure from DC Collectibles. Photo: Toyark.com

As I mention in the interview, I also have a Batman Beyond podcast, so double pod crossover bonus for me! Above and Batman Beyond is the name of the audio/video show, while on the topic of NY Comic Con this year. Check out our YouTube channel and podcast for live interviews with cast and crew of Batman Beyond. And for collectors, we discuss the recently released Batman Beyond limited edition Blu-Ray Box set and exclusive Batman Beyond Funko Pop! figure.

The complete “Batman Beyond” animated series limited edition Blu-Ray box set with exclusive Batman 80 Years chrome Batman Beyond Funko Pop! figure

From my Above and Batman Beyond interview with Jim Fletcher, live from NY Comic Con 2019:

BD: I do have a Batman Beyond podcast, as you know. You’ve been on that show.

JF: Yea.

BD: We went live during the [NY Comic Con] panel, and I had some followers ask me–and it worked out, because, on the  @dccollecticast they asked me about Batman Beyond stuff.  What can we possibly expect, because this isn’t just a selfish Batman Beyond thing ’cause of the show. It’s also, you have an animated presence that’s still strong in your lines, being now, especially with the Batman: The Adventures Continue. Then, you have the animated version of the Batman Who Laughs. And, you even said, admitted that we’re kind of running out of viable characters from the show to an extent, so you’re continuing it. But, I think Beyond, that’s a big opportunity, especially if you’re running out.

JF: Yea, that show was great. We did a Batman Beyond with Bruce Wayne and Ace. And, actually, weirdly, the sales were not that good.

BD: Really? Oh, no!

“Batman Beyond” 6″ scale action figure 3-pack from DC Collectibles

JF: I was actually shocked. ‘Cause, I’m like, we’re back to Batman, we’re going to crush this thing. I wanted to do–the villains on that show were fantastic! Dee-Dee Twins, there’s so many good ones on there. Inque is cool. I mean, they’re all cool.

BD: Yea, can you imagine Shriek?

JF: Yea, that’s another good one. I can imagine that. And, Spellbinder, one of my favorite ones! Swirly face: woo! So, right now, that’s not on the agenda, but who knows? Like I said, we don’t throw anything away.

DC Collectibles inspired Spellbinder custom action figure from @reinkecustoms on Instagram (not for sale/resale)

While it doesn’t look like any Batman Beyond villains are coming in the near future from DC Collectibles, you can still check out what they may end up looking like, thanks to the Beyond talented custom action figure maker @reinkecustoms on Instagram.

Again, stay tuned here at C506 and my DC Collecticast podcast for more live NY Comic Con collectible coverage like today’s! And don’t forget to subscribe to my network’s YouTube channels for video coverage as well: Comic Book Intl and Above and Batman Beyond.  

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Ayudanos a continuar generando contenidos buenos y originales, compartiendo nuestro trabajo

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