Get the EXCLUSIVE WizKids Worlds TCB Tour Package!

WizKids Worlds Attendees! The WizKids Room Block at The Guest House at Graceland is over 75% sold out! That means you only have a limited amount of time left to book your room for the opportunity to purchase the EXCLUSIVE WizKids Worlds TCB Tour Package!


The WizKids World Championship TCB Tour Package features a variety of exciting items at a rate of $49 per person (up to 4 people,) and includes the exclusive Marvel HeroClix Storm and DC Comics HeroClix Bombshell Raven promo figures pictured below, an Elvis Experience tour ticket, and plenty more exciting exclusives!

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This special package is only available to those who have registered at The Guest House at Graceland using the instructions here:

After registering, keep an eye on your email! The hotel will reach.

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