July Collectibles from DC: Greg Capullo’s Dark Nights Metal Batman and Darkseid Baby Statue

This statue was a show stopper for me at New York Toy Fair this year.  Not only do you get the modern classic Dark Nights: Metal design of DC’s Greg Capullo. Not only do you get the Bat himself from the acclaimed Batman artist.

You get a Darkseid baby, too! Aww!



Repping C506 at NY International Toy Fair, I also covered the DC Collectibles booth for my DC Collecticast podcast. Like a kid in a toy store, I got a generous amount of interview time from Brian Walters, Senior Art Director of DC Collectibles.

Click here for the interview in DC Collecticast audio form (Skip to 22:54). 

According to Walters, «Metal has been a monster hit for the publishing unit. We’re supporting it the best we can from a statue and collectible point of view.»

DN_Metal_Group_Shot_v01_r01 (1)
DC’s «Dark Nights Metal» statue group shot

BW (continued): We have Batman with baby Darkseid. So, what’s cool about this is the fact that there’s a Darkseid baby. But, you can also, if just want a Batman statue, you can take the Batman head off. You can take Darkseid off. And, then you have a Batman head here that’s just a magnet. You drop it on, and you have a standalone Greg Capullo inspired Batman statue. So, that’s really great. We like that a lot.  

Magnetized evil babies. Magnetized Bat heads. An interchangeable statue at its most metal.

Here’s the link to DC’s website for more details on this Metal DC marvel.

Batman and his Baby Darkseid stand at about 6.1 in., coming in at a  price point of $85.00. The statue is now available for pre-order through comicshoplocator.com, Sideshow Collectibles, Amazon, and Entertainment Earth. Again, this Metal inspired statue is designed by the Dark Nights comic artist himself, Greg Capullo. Not to mention, Metal was DC’s best-selling publishing event of 2019. The stunning sculpt is by Djordje Djokovic, it’s a limited  edition of 5,000 units, made of polyresin.

If you haven’t already, check out the Toy Fair episode of our DC Collecticast podcast mentioned above. We have more DC talk on this same episode from CryptozoicFunko, and DC Collectibles.

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