Teaser trailer for “Welcome to the Blumhouse”

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Check out the  teaser trailer for Amazon Studios and Blumhouse Television’s “Welcome to the Blumhouse” film series featuring the song “What’s Up” by FJØRA produced by Linda Perry.

BLACK BOX, EVIL EYE, THE LIE, and NOCTURNE are the first four of eight films in the “Welcome to the Blumhouse” series, set to premiere worldwide on Amazon Prime in October.

FJØRA is a musical artist who reaches far beyond the “pop” genre for inspiration, surrounded by the sounds of jazz, world music, classical compositions, and Hollywood film scores.
Grammy, Golden Globe, Critic’s Choice award nominated producer and Songwriter Hall of Fame inductee Linda Perry is one of the most accomplished people working in music today. Beginning her musical journey as the lead singer of 4 Non Blondes, she has profoundly impacted pop culture through her work as a producer and songwriter.
Please tune to @blumhouse on Instagram for a special live conversation with Linda Perry and FJØRA today at 5pm PST/8pm ET.
(October 6 on Amazon Prime)
After losing his wife and his memory in a car accident, a single father undergoes an agonizing experimental treatment that causes him to question who he really is.
(October 6 on Amazon Prime)
When their teenaged daughter confesses to impulsively killing her best friend, two desperate parents attempt to cover up the horrific crime, leading them into a complicated web of lies and deception.
(October 13 on Amazon Prime)
A seemingly perfect romance turns into a nightmare when a mother becomes convinced her daughter’s new boyfriend has a dark connection to her own past.
(October 13 on Amazon Prime)
Inside the halls of an elite arts academy, a timid music student begins to outshine her more accomplished and outgoing twin sister when she discovers a mysterious notebook belonging to a recently deceased classmate

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Ayudanos a continuar generando contenidos buenos y originales, compartiendo nuestro trabajo

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