C506 Review PS4 – Warparty: Recruit, Control and FIGHT!

Warparty is a real-time strategy game set in the stone-age era.
Build your base, recruit and control a group of soldiers, fight and tame fierce dinosaurs and direct
your followers.


Today we are reviewing Warparty for the PS4.

In Warparty, we have three tribes, each with six missions in which will be given objectives. Each tribe: Wildlanders, Vithara, and Necromas; has its ultimate goal and will have to fight against the others to achieve it with the help of the Go’on, a mystical energy that can be channeled to use powers or recruit units.


Each one has a hero with an ancient artifact of power that allows him to manipulate the Go’on, the first use it for the survival of his tribe of humans, the second to control and connect with nature spirits and dinosaurs.

You can really feel the WC3 influence here.

«Black & White» and «Populous» too, but cooler!

The era it is in is the prehistoric era, therefore there are basic humans with spears, bows and other weapons but also dinosaurs, to have soldiers of «cavalry» or siege, in even magicians and healers. Each one has its objective, the Vithara are mostly spirits and dinosaurs with a human in front who manipulates them to use the power of the Go’on and kill humans. The Necromas are humans obsessed with death, elementals, and undead, led by a warrior who finds an artifact weapon that gives him the power to control zombies, and seeks to end all life in the world. The Wildlanders are ordinary humans who just want to survive.

The interface of Warparty is somewhat messy, shortcuts for spells and information are missing, and the icons are very small. The bases of the three tribes are almost the same. Almost the same buildings, evolutions, and types of units but differing only in the spells and abilities that we can choose. We have had some technical problem, but nothing that would prevent us from playing, except with the saving system, since the campaign does not allow us to keep inside the missions, and in one of the missions we had to repeat it because after finishing it, it did not tell us how it was done. This type of issue is more cumbersome than harmful, but even so, they are easily fixable issues.

Warparty is a mix between Age of Empires and Warcraft. You constantly have confrontations, rapidly expand to obtain scarce resources and attacking your enemies with many «soldiers» without giving them a chance. The maps are not too big. There are maps of the jungle, ice, and desert. Resources are limited, there are roads delimited by areas without too many details. but the game is really fun.


It is best not to stop creating units, buildings or collecting resources, trying to take a particular strategy to optimize your resources. The resources that are used are food, Go’on crystals, population and Go’on energy to use the spells or to recruit certain Vithara units. There are a few types of resources which makes it easier to manage. In the case of food, farms can be built to have unlimited access to this resource, although as we improve the units almost all use glass for recruitment, which in the end makes it the most useful resource. You can also get the crystal unlimited but it is more difficult to do so.

Through trade posts, we can exchange food for glass and at the same time use caravans to send to our settlement to generate it automatically. Power is obtained, only as long as you maintain control of various altars on the map, although it is quite annoying because they are too easy to steal. The population is multiplied by building houses and settlements.


Each tribe has its units but base are classified in infantry, projectiles, beasts or zombies, often it is not clear that it is each unit and therefore when choosing the improvements of those units can be a bit tricky. They also have their own spells, some more useful than others with much difference, as well as their own abilities: one base and three others that you choose when you build the base and when you raise it to level two and three. These skills modify the way you play, you have to choose between two possibilities, but there is always one more useful than another. It has various game modes available, the classic ones in the RTS, campaign mode, skirmish, multiplayer and also a survival mode.

Overall, I thought it was a good game with good graphics. Watch the trailer below to check it out yourself if would like this game.

Buy here: https://www.warpartygame.com/

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