(C506) NYCC – New York Comic Con 2018 Review and Recap

Size might just matter….

The second largest pop-culture event on the planet recently opened its annual convention doors to the greatest city in the world: New York Comic Con returned to the Jacob Javits Center, in the heart of Midtown Manhattan, from October 4-7. Not to focus on popularity or anything, but attendance to the Reed Pop run event was estimated 250,000 this year. But, that’s only 10% increase from last year’s staggering 227,000. No big deal, right?

NYCC 2018

That’s just a few hundred thousand comic readers, cosplayers, geek news junkies, obsessed collectors, and the most hard core fans of America’s east coast nerddom. Not to mention, the objects of their fandom: comic artists, writers, actors.

Hellboy the movie, panel with Dark Horse, the Mignola team signing our collectibles.

TV/ filmmakers, collectibles companies, famous cosplayers, YouTubers, and other celebs.   

NYCC 2018
Photo: C506.net

Since the colossal Javits Center just was’t big enough for the minor turn out of a quarter million sweaties, NYCC expanded this year to offsite event locations. That little arena you may have heard of, Madison Square Garden, hosted the Hulu Theater; There was Hammerstein Ballroom at the Manhattan Center, Studio Studios’ “Studio’s @NYCC,” and the obsessed goers of Anime Fan Expo at Pier 94. The latter two events were the “two big features” rolled out by Reed Pop this year for NYCC. From event director, Mike Armstrong:

One [event] is The Studio @ NYCC that we’re piloting this year. It’s a loft space venue with literary programs and a lot of ‘behind the curtain’ conversations with creators and professionals in a more intimate environment … Anime Expo offers a great lineup of panels and publishers. Ticket sales are strong. Diehard anime fans are responding. ( Forbes )

Anime Expo NYCC 2018

To give you an idea of ​​what “strong” means for Anime Expo sales: “In 2017, AnimeNYC reported 20,000 unique attendees.” (ComicsBeat.com ). Another Javits Center located Anime con all 20,000 of those ANYC numbers is a good indicator as to the popularity of anime in the NY area alone.

NY Comic (S) Con

Without Question, New York is the most prestigious of comic cons, specifically for that first word, “comics.” Sorry, Cali, while San Diego with might still have NY beat in terms of size, your friendly neighborhood Spiderman is from Queens, NY. “Gotham” City was born out of the gothic architecture and notorious corruption of north Manhattan and the Bronx. New York City is a comic book city.

Got a problem with that?

NYCC 2018
Photo: C506.net

This year was no comic exception, at the legendary Artist Alley of NYCC. AA is where the convention really shows its international colors. Artists and writers from countries you’ve never heard of travel distances unimaginable, to showcase the best of the world has to offer in comics.   


Lego Aquaman NYCC 2018
C506 Contributor, Benjamin David, with Lego Aquaman Masterbuild

DC. Marvel The big 2. The former flexed as much power in the comic arts at con, as it did for movies. Walking into the DC area of ​​NYCC was really walking into a DC designated wing of the Javits convention center.

From superstar signings with the likes of Geoff Johns, Tom King, Jim Lee and the casts of Titans and Gotham … exclusive World Premieres of shows like Titans and movies like Constantine: City of Demons, to one-of-a-kind booth giveaways and convention exclusives …  ( DC Blog )

Black Manta Costume NYCC 2018
Black Manta Costume, “Aquaman.” Photo: C506.net

The Bat wing of con with buzzed with panels, signings, and interviews by the NY minute, from tons more names among the DC greats: John Timms & Amanda Conner (both Harley Quinn ), Brian Michael Bendis ( Superman / Action Comics ), Sean Gordon Murphy ( Batman: White Knight ), Steve Orlando & James Tynion IV (both Batman ).


The latter of the big 2 had no shortage of turnout either. Lines wrapped around more lines for signings and appearances from the page makers of Marvel.

Marvel NYCC 2018

Marvel Knights 20th Anniversary Panel : “Join Joe Quesada, Jimmy Palmiotti, Christopher Priest, and Tom Sniegoski as they reflect on the industry-redefining MARVEL KNIGHTS imprint as it celebrates its 20th anniversary.” ( Marvel.com )

Marvel Comics: Spider-Man Panel: Editor Nick Lowe was joined by Spiderman writers, Saladin Ahmed (Miles Morales: Spider-Man), Seanan McGuire (Spider-Gwen: Ghost-Spider), and Nick Spencer (Amazing Spider-Man). MOVIES / TV

DC and Marvel also brought some serious TV/movie fanfare to NY this year.


Queen Mera Costume, “Aquaman.” Photo: C506.net

Four life sized Aquamen and women were on display in the DC area, one of them a masterbuilt LEGO fig of Jason Mamoa in the iconic orange suit. The others were set worn Aqua costumes from the upcoming film, including Arthur Curry’s Atlantean suit, the shimmering green scaled armor of Amber Heard’s Queen Mera, and the fantastic, almost over the top, Black Manta suit worn by Yahya Abdul-Mateen II.

Arthur Curry Costume NYCC 2018
Arthur Curry Costume, “Aquaman.” Photo: C506.net

Batman: The Animated Series on Blu Ray Panel

BTAS Blu Ray Panel NYCC 2018
“Batman the Animated Series” creators, From top left: Kevin Conroy (Voice of Batman), Loren Lester (Voice of Robin/Nightwing), Tara Strong (Voice of Batgirl, Bruce Timm, Co-creator/Executive Producer, Diane Pershing (Voice of Poison Ivy). Photos: C506.net & BatmanBeyondPodcast.com

A game changer for Batman. A game changer for animation history. Batman: The Animated Series is rightly considered among the best and most iconic versions of Batman. Premiering in 1992, BTAS brought cinematic short masterpieces about Batman to the after school, and even prime time, home audience. Twenty six years later, the Brothers Warner has remastered and re-released this unforgettable animated series on Blu Ray.

No better place to promote and celebrate the BTAS Blu Ray release than NY friggin Comic Con! Panels and press interviews ensued, and C506.net was right there covering all there was to cover in animated Gotham. 

CLICK HERE for our  BTAS  press coverage at NYCC , including exclusive interviews from our Creative Directors, Johann Morales, Lilliam R and podcast coverage from our contributor, Benjamin David, on his podcast  Above and Batman Beyond. 

All the big boys girls and girls from Batcave came to play: Kevin Conroy: VOICE OF BATMAN / Old Bruce Wayne ( BTAS / Batman Beyond , and more); Bruce Timm: CO-CREATOR / Executive Producer ( BTAS / Batman Beyond , and more); Tara Strong: Voice of Batgirl (New Batman Adventures); Voice of Harley Quinn (Arkham video games); Loren Lester: Voice of Dick Grayson / Robin (BTAS, Adventures of Batman and Robin); Diane Pershing: Voice of Poison Ivy; Eric Radomski: Co-producer / HUGE early influence on BTAS.

DC Universe

DC Universe NYCC 2018

Since Batman Day (9/15/18), the DC Universe streaming app has been live and well for monthly subscribers in the US. Outside the US, unfortunately, fans are still waiting for the all DC app to become available. In the meantime, DC Universe made its presence known at NYCC with a giveaway booth for DCU subscribers, as well as live TV and mobile based demos of the app in action. The remastered Batman: The Animated Series was played in full HD on numerous screens, along with trailers and other exclusive DC content.

Marvel came correct with its own TV events and panels at NYCC 2018. 

Daredevil signing at Madison Square Garden

Netflix Original Series Marvel’s Daredevil Season 3 Panel at New York Comic Con 2018
Photo: TheFandom.net

Season 3 of the Marvel/Netflix series, Daredevil just dropped on October 19th. Kicking off the new season, Daredevil himself, Charlie Cox, came to MSG for signings and panels. Along with the acting Devil of Hell’s Kitchen, Kingpin showed up too, Vincent D’Onofrio, in addition to other actors, show runners and producers.

Runaways at MSG

 Also attending MSG in the name of Marvel were the Runaways . Join Jeph Loeb, Head of Marvel Television, along with the cast and executive producer, as they come to you for the highly anticipated Season Two of the Hulu Original Series, Marvel’s Runaways. (Marvel.com)

Mr Freeze Cosplay NYCC 2018
Cosplay by Edward @bretzels.empire on Instagram. Photo: SyFy.com

Think back to when you first met Mickey at a Disney Park. If you can not remember the last time felt that way, then you have not been to NY Comic Con. Cosplay is where every franchise from every type of source material gets honored in costume, from Star Wars to Harry Potter to Batman. Set quality superhero suits inspired by films/TV;  the philanthropic and strict followers of 501st stormtroopers (Star Wars); anime for days. It’s all in NY.

Cosplayers are laborers of true love. Pure fans. Who else would spend the time, money, or sleepless nights putting together a fancy Halloween costume? Most of these people are adults. Intelligent, many of them in super-shape, hard workin’ folk. Not what you’d expect from a grown man dressed like Tony Stark-or from the fully functional, hydraulic powered Hulk Buster from last year. 

Or how about the Mr. Freeze above, from brilliant computer programmer, Edward Marois @bretzels.empire on Instagram? Edward and his Freeze have been featured on the SyFy Channel, and C506.net caught up with Edward for an interview at NYCC about this incredible Batman rogue build:

I do an in depth Mr. Freeze cosplay costume. It’s a combination of the Eli Wallach version from the 1966 [Batman] show, it’s Batman: The Animated Series… I have so much acrylic plastic on the front of my head that I actually had to put a counterweight on it or else my neck would give out during the day…Oh, the issues this thing has. Oh, and then I pulled out a wire, I have a seven channel wire harness in a backpack that I specially developed from an airline suitcase. I turned one of those things into a backpack and I can fold the entire [cosplay suit] and wheel it out of con.

Batman Beyond Cosplay NYCC 2018
Batman Beyond Cosplayer, Aaron @holyace05 on Instagram. Photo: C506.net


Funko Booth NYCC 2018

At NYCC, collectibles booths are becoming just as busy and exclusive as celebrity signings. Just to get in LINE at the Funko or Lego booths this year, you needed to win an online lottery through the Reed Pop organized NYCC website. Then, after waiting, waiting, and waiting some more, NY exclusives were available to the devoted collectors. Funko showcased its upcoming “DC Primal Age” line of Masters of the Universe inspired action figures. The coveted Pop! toy booth gave out free DCPA Mister Freeze with exclusive figures (that is, if you got into the booth), also available at the DC Comics booth. 

Funko DC Primal Age Batcave
“DC Primal Age” Batcave from the NYCC 208 Funko booth. Photo: C506.net

Moving away from the kids table, higher end companies showed off their shiny new toys, too! Diamond Select Toys unveiled its considerable DC and Marvel collection of statues and busts, ThreeZero has a Megatron Transformer that looks like it just landed on Earth, while companies like Sideshow Collectibles, Mezco, Tamashii Nations, NECA, and Kotobukiya knock it out the park as always, across every franchise imaginable.

Jango Fett Sideshow Collectibles

Again, 250,000 comic fans and collectors were at the Javits Center, right in the heart of Midtown. Then, there’s a place within walking distance called “Midtown Comics.” You do the math.

“Like Father and Son”. Our Director and his mentor Robert Kirkman during his panel in NYCC18, photo: C506.net

C506 did a post-con follow up with some of the staff over at Midtown, confirming that NYCC week is easily one of their busiest times of year. Before, after, and during NYCC, collectors specifically, pour into the Times Square bi-level nerd haven of Midtown. That’s saying a lot, for a store where any given day, collectors lay down $500 to $2k for a Sideshow Premium format statue; or maybe even a life sized 1:1 scale Deadpool. “Take me home!” says the $1,200 price tag. Oh, and 1:1 “Arkham” Batman is available to take home too–if you have the room.

Life Size Arkham Batman Midtown Comics
C506 Contributor, Benjamin David, at Midtown Comics, NYC

So, if you still think comic conventions are just for nerds, then ask the other 249,999 people who showed up to this one. And maybe, they are nerds. That’s still A LOT of nerds!

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